Friday, October 31, 2008

Lipstick Jungle Episode 5 Inspired Look

Hi Darlings:
This weeks episode focused on beautiful stand out rings and although the outfits were - just - okay, the coupling of the trench dress and large, colorful belt was inspiring.

When I saw the rings I thought of my favorite places to purchase cocktail rings, if I were not designing them myself. Cecile et Jeanne came to mind and it has been my favorite albeit favorite window shopping place for years. The cocktail ring designs are darling and simply divine. Their collections are never same and have a starting price of over $100. (See first two pics)
I also like Diva in Annapolis which offers many wonderful options. And of course Nido's in Georgetown. And Swarovski at the Pentagon City Fashion Centre Mall with prices that start as low as $80. Hugs and besos.

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