Monday, October 27, 2008

Vivienne Westwood Event at Muleh

Hi Darlings:
For me, on Thursday night last week all roads led to Muleh on 14th and S St. because 1.) Sarah Jessica Parker's (aka "Carrie's") wedding dress from the Sex and the City movie was on display.
Yes, you remember the dress and the scene...Big broke her heart, she is wearing ostrich feathers in her hair and running in the streets of New York devastated! Let me tell you I was heartbroken too! And 2.) Vivienne Westwood's entire Anglomania collection was available for up close viewing. Oh yes, as a given, the fashionistas were in was a lovely event.

(me(R) and T)
I loved the Carrie dress although It seemed to have more presence on screen than It did in person. I almost expected It to take up the space of at least 3 persons and to challenge me in height. But It did not. From a seamstress's point of view It was extremely well made. The craftsmanship was divine! I was in awe of the stitching on the dress as I was with the rest of the line. The entire collection was unique, and not over the top, with amazing details and lots of neutral colors. This surprised me but not really because this collection always seems more tame than the other Vivienne. W. collections.

Hugs and besos.

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