Wednesday, October 08, 2008

80's Fashion Revival - Will it last? Do we want it to?

Hi Darlings:

I once had to interview a boutique owner in DC for a freelance article I was working on and she mentioned that she shops globally but is inspired by the kids on the streets locally who have fashion daring tastes. She noted their wearing of brightly colored sneakers and bright leggings as well as new ways of wearing traditional fashion staples as fantastic examples of fashion innovation. Hmmm.... maybe that's where Rihanna, Teyana Taylor, Tokyo Diiva and Solange Knowles get their fashion inspiration as well. Watching Teyana Taylor on MTv's My Sweet Sixteen it was clear she did not grow up on or near the streets. And we all know about Solange and the other Knowles and likewise, with Rihanna the Bahamian beaches do not scream NY streets!
Or maybe its the other way around... According to Tokyo Diiva the streets influence her style.Either way, how do we explain the "Bad" or "Bad Gurl" rings? Does this mean that flat tops and hammer pants are next? Will they be around for a season like high waisted pants or are they here for another decade? Or is this just symbolic of the moment in time when acrylic nails made the turn from ghetto to fab? So will Christina Aguilera and Madonna soon start wearing them?

Come to think about it, it seems like baggy jeans with cuffed hems and jeans with holes have been seen on quite a few celebs lately.

Another set of 80's trends that are making a not so subtle comeback. Frankly, I am just now getting the hang of skinny jeans, so don't really think I am inclined to switch anytime soon.

The memories of the first baggy jeans trend in the 80's aren't too pleasant. But I've never met a bubble dress I did not like!

So, what do you think? Will you be purchasing a pair of baggy jeans anytime soon? Are you into the word rings?

Hugs and besos.

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