Friday, October 24, 2008

Today Show Affordable Fashion Lines and Lily Lily! of DC

Hi Darlings:

I am always looking for fashion finds that are cute, divine and stand out in a crowd of divas. The today show with the help of Daily Candy presents a few fabulous lesser fashion houses with options that can work with your wardrobe especially when you are trying to look good for less. Happy watching!

UPDATE: The Evergreen Tulle A-line Wook Coat is from Washington, DC's own Lily Lily! Shop. A boutique you must check out for fabulous dresses and accessories. Happy Shopping!

Hugs and besos.


thatgirlis said...

I recently launched a web boutique . I also own a shop in Pittsburgh ,Pa . I watch the Today Show every am and frankly, I am getting tired of you ALWAYS promoting bargains at the "big box " stores. One can be trendy and not blow the budget at a struggling mom &pop shop. If we do not continue to support the small retail world that enabled the chains to thrive,we will cease to exist.Please help me to survive this retail tsunami.... Cheryl W shop girl

Diva Bugs said...

Hi Hon,
I hear you completely, but I am a small designer and I DO promote small businesses. Take a look at my Great DC Find tags and many others. And I hope you were able to take a look at the attached clip because they were showcasings small, little known designers. Thanks for being a follower of Diva Bugs.

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