Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fierce Looks of the Week

Hi Darlings:
I saw these looks and the only word that came to mind was FIERCE! Some celebs like Elle MacPherson always look great no matter what. But others like Jessica Biel are frumpy on a daily basis, like the rest of us, but know how to turn it up 10 notches for the red carpet. It's always great to see them all dressed up from time to time.
Elle Mac"fierce"son's boots were fab to the max. I love the height and the fringe details.
Nicole post baby bump finally has a lot of curves to show off!

I know they are the Olsens but I always like simple and chic done well. And finally they got it right in that department.

Liz Jessica Biel in Rome. Believe it or not!

Happy Thursday!

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