Sunday, December 31, 2006

Reflections: 2006

Hi Diva-Socialistas:

On the last day of each year I always choose to be reflective. For me it has become the best time to reflect on what I did, the person I was and how I have changed and/or grown in the last 365 days and what my overall plans are for the coming year.

I have learned to be brave and not worry about the process of doing but rather focus on the outcome I am aiming for. I have actually been reflecting on this earlier than expected because I spent the last two weekends ice-skating. It's so funny how intimidating the ice rink can be if you have never skated before. I have noticed four types of people at the rink.

1.) The person who has never skated before but once they take a few steps and hold unto to rails they find a comfort zone and eventually feel comfortable letting go and gliding on the ice by themselves.
2.) The person who is just happy putting on the skates, getting on the ice for minute to feel how it is for the sake of the experience and never putting on ice skates again.
3.) The type who is used to inline skates and maybe skeptical at first and once they get on the ice their inner Michelle Kwan resurfaces.
4.) The person who just likes skating and goes back year after year to glide on the ice and have a good time skating with family and friends.

Whatever you plan to do next year don't sit out on the experiences that you can have in life - get out in the "rink" and just try.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fashion Quest!

Hi Diva Socialistas:

After talking to many of you, I've decided to embark on a quest to find fashionable folks in DC. I am mostly interested in outfits built around that one piece or chic ensembles! Send me your pics and I will choose - no guarantees...;) I'll also be taking pics on my own!


Friday, December 15, 2006

Great DC find: Belga Cafe...Yum!

Hi Diva Socialistas:

I am still excited about the wonderful chocolate desserts I just ate with my mom and sister at the Belga Cafe on Capitol Hill. Mom cooked and afterwards we tested out the desserts at the Belga. This was a great plan because whenever we go out to eat we usually don't leave room for dessert and end up missing out on the best part of the meal. The travesty!!!

We had the Vanilla Waffles with chocolate and vanilla ice cream; Belgian chocolate mousse cake and the Bart's chocoladetaart - flourless cake.

One word: Yum!

Defnitely going back for more....another great DC find!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Diva Bugs - Fall Trunk Show

Hi Diva-Socialistas:

Where do I start?! The past week has been so eventful. I wanted to post earlier but I was caught up in the frenzy of preparing for one of my Fall shows which was held last Thursday and sponsored by the fabulous diva Claudia Rayford at her Bethesda home. It was like the best combination of holiday party, merrymaking and shopping without having to step outside. She had mini-stores for each vendor at her home! And we had Diva-tinis in celebration of DivaBugs - a recipe courtesy of Natalie Bovis-Nelsen of

To keep with our trademark of unique designs each of our current purses and scarves were updated either with different bows, ribbons, or beads! In constructing the new changes I was sooo excited I thought I would bounce off the wall in my work room. Yum!

Here are some pics of the show...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Corcoran Gallery - Runway to Reality

CORCORAN: Spring/ Summer Fashion Preview - Fall Shows Review

Hi Diva-Socialistas:

I went to the Corcoran Gallery's Runway to Reality which I found out about through the DC Fashionistas. It seems like so many of you were out that night! Wow! I sauntered into the cocktail area at the Corcoran Gallery before the event fully confident that I was way more fashion forward than most because of my new fab square-shaped black rimmed glasses. Yes I am of the belief that these frames accentuate my more intellectual side. And to those of you with your mouths agape - YES, I WEAR GLASSES! Like why doesn't anyone notice me anymore? I digress.

So, I showed up at the event and everyone is dressed to the nines! Loved it .. a fashion stylists dream as I was told in not those words by a fashion stylists/diva-socialista in attendance. She was surprised to see the on point boots, sharp combos and daring colors. I feel like I am critiquing the fall fashion in DC - call me the local Andre Leon Talley!

Well anywho, the gathering was great. We had cocktails and networking beforehand and then we moved on the watch a report on the Fall fashion shows - NY, Paris and Milan put together by the Fashion Group International. I have to admit this was my first time attending such an event and I was appreciative of the constricted and focused report of all the shows from the Fall.

The topic du jour was the couture patrons disenchantment with the couture designers and the designers out of touch designs that won't sell.

What did I like and dislike: I loved that clutches are in for the next season. The Diane Von Furstenburg and Chanel lines were simple and chic as usual. I do question the itsy-bitsy underwear size shorts throughout the Chanel line. I am not sure who will buy and wear these on the streets. I loved that long blazers are back in. The mixtures of 80's jumpsuit velour looks with high fashion has got to go - Jean Paul Gaultier. The Versace dresses had a nice balance of color.

The critiques of the individual clothing lines were on point. While some designers were daring - disappearing dress - that is controlled mechanically to shrink to nothing or the 15th century romantic line of dresses with prosthetically well-endowed behinds. Who is going to buy a 15th Century inspired gown with a large behind sewn into it. Even Beyonce and J-lo would prefer the natural to the not so normal.

The report also focused on the simple and classic looks of Marc Jacobs and Tracey Reese for example, who are probably the boring American dsigners not as fun as Isaac Mizrahi's Spring line who everyone is looking forward to seeing in the Spring 2007.

At the end of the day, the designers are looking for as much publicity as they can. Publicity attracts investors but not necessarily buyers when there are only 2 or 3 pieces in a well thought out show that can convert to sales. Some use starlets while others use both the ingenue and the outlandish design to attract attention. At the end of the day it is all a show.

These are my thoughts and I can tell you I still have lots to learn!

Ciao Divas!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Great DC Find - Tiffany Belk's Cards

Hey Divas,

So why did I have a heel- brakes - pause - jaw drop - shoes glued to the ground moment when I eye-balled Tiffany Belks cards! Now you know I love collecting stationery. A closer look and I saw how fashionably brilliant of Tiffany to couple fashion illustrations with catchy phrases like "Cinderella Aint Got Nothing On You!" Loved it and had to buy a bunch for my collection! These cards are sexier than Mahogany but quite timely for those of us seeking more expressive stationery options!

So, perfect for the Diva in all of us!

Another Great DC Find!

Here are some pics.....

Saturday, December 09, 2006

DC - Fashion Sense Not Limited To Trench Coats!

Hi Divas:

As mentioned earlier my latest project has been to scavenger to research these groups and find out what they are all about. Naturally, I was attracted immediately to the fashion, entrepreneur and intellectual groups. I thought that sticking to my comfort zone was a good way to introduce myself to the groups. I am glad I made that decision because I did not want to be inundated with events and board posting when I have little time to socialize as it is.....

My first meeting was with the DC Fashionistas founded by Abigail de Casanova. I signed up for this group and right away I knew they were different than the usual networking outlets like Myspace. These women were all about business of fashion and not finding romantic dates or building their online friends list. Their online board entries had to do with the fashion industry and information on just about every fashion show in the city even the one that they put together last Saturday, December 9th at Panache. (Ummmm show Diva Bugs)

I even found out about on their message boards. This is a site where you can apprentice with an expert in any field while on vacation so like if you wanted to shadow a potato farmer, cowboy or a surf board maker you can or they can try to set it up if its not readily available. Whatever you want...what an exciting idea - don't want to be a potato farmer but it is worth the go.

I then attended one of their fashion show planning meeting. The fashionistas who design, model and do make up were all in the house. Exciting! Like minded people in one room. It was great seeing this in action since everyone talks about DC folks having no fashion sense. I believe that to be a myth.

And who says diva-socialistas only shop and do lunches and brunches! Regular ladies with budgets are diva-socialistas too!

Here are some pics of the Sat., Dec. 9th show at Panache:

Posted by Picasa

Pictures courtesy of Heidi (1) and DC Fashionista meetup board (2-4).

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Casino Royale - Suspenseful but not too Fashionable

I tried to catch up on my movie "to watch list" over the holiday by
watching Casino Royale. I must say that if you diva-socialistas expect great female fashion trends this movie is not for you. James as usual was very debonair in his suits and tuxedos. His look was of course very European from bathing suits to sportswear. And his great physique didn't hurt. Vesper (Eva Green) his female co-star on the other hand was rather drab. Her outfits were dated and matronly and unexciting as the name of her character. M (Judi Dench)looked way classier as usual. Love her character!

The selling points of this movie are the action and chase scenes. They are so amazing that even after the movie is over you are trying to piece together the possible plot. But for the 144 mins you are glued to your seat.

I am an avid James Bond fan and I must say I was really skeptical about Daniel Craig as James Bond. I usually have a knack for knowing which celebrity would make a good James even before they are chosen - Pierce Brosnan was on my list since the Remington Steele days. Eventhough I did not originally see Daniel Craig as James, he was able to pull off a great 007 in part because of his great body and athleticism.

In this movie we see a harder, more realistic side of James. He is not the cavalier, one line spewing Don Juan but rather a spy who kills with his bare hands, drinks hard liquor rather than "Martinis shaken not stirred". He does not leave his escapades unshaken and ready to fight another day but is rather a man who feels the strain of his new job and love lost. As a newly minted 007 Bond is unpolished and literally feeling his way in his new job.

I wonder if the new trend will be to portray Bond as a modern killing machine who loves the ladies or if the movie just showed the beginning of the evolution. I guess we will all have to stay tuned for the next installation...

And yes for his fans Jeffrey Wright is in this movie too.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Turkey Day recovery - Meet up groups

Ok, so I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. As usual I had a great time with my family. Now that Turkey day is over we are still plowing through the turkey and leftovers. Hmmmm.... turkey soup tomorrow... with the right spices this can be a interesting experiment.

For some time now I have been hearing about the DC Meet Up groups scene. These are groups - started by anyone and geared towards various interests, beliefs or hobbies. Stay tuned in the next few weeks while I visit some of these groups and let you know of my escapades.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Don't forget to give thanks for everything even the most mundane!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas shopping! Diva Bugs, Black Friday

Thanksgiving is almost here and I just finished seasoning my turkey with my special marinade. So, glad that's out of the way. There is nothing worst than bland tasting turkey...

Ok, now that you have decided what purchases you will make on - you can find out about the other shopping locations on either or

Happy shopping and happy Thanksgiving!

Be safe,


Friday, November 17, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Babel ... thought provoking.

One shot fired and international controversy is sparked while the domino effect entangles the lives of fours sets of people - Moroccan goat herders, wealthy American couple, illegal immigrant maid and nanny to the couple’s children and hearing impaired Japanese teenager and her father.

For those of you who are not aware – the story of the Tower of Babel is the story of the creation of races and the various languages of the world. It is a biblically perspective on the division of the races and our various languages and how because we separated as a people we could not work together or communicate on any level.

Likewise, Babel (the movie) deals with political, physical and racial barriers to communication. This story is loosely based on the Biblical tale but in this modern day error of mistrust, terrorism border patrols and rules of trade. You are captivated from the start and emotional exhausted in the end.

Because I am drawn to the unique perspectives I found the side stories more captivating than the Brad Pitt/Kate Blanchett depiction of the American husband seeking help in rural Morocco for his injured wife. Nothing new here - the Americans focus on terrorism - not a surprise; diplomatic barriers to getting her help - expected; his arrogance and immediate anger at the locals - American stereotype. However, Brad Pitt's acting skills were amazing with his effective use of his emotions.

More intriguing is what happened to the Mexican maid and the Japanese girl. Their pain is from within and they are victims of society and that which they cannot change. The maid has to go back to Mexico for a wedding. Because she can’t find a babysitter for the children whose parents are in Morocco she has to take the blond hair, blue-eyed duo with her. On the way back border patrol holds her and her nephew under immediate suspicion of kidnapping without question. The rash decisions that ensued led to her deportation. All because she was trying to do the right thing. No one spoke on her behalf even after 16 years of living in the US. No one wanted to listen to her.

On the other side of the world we have a deaf girl tormented by not being able to communicate, her mother's suicide and keeping the police away from her father - who coincidental owns the gun involved in the shooting. Imagine going to a club, watching everyone dancing and having fun but not being able to hear the music. Imagine finding a guy cute but being rejected because you can’t talk and he can’t sign. It was fascinating seeing the world of the deaf through their ears. Seeing about a week of her life was eye opening.

A must see…go with an open mind.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Great DC Find: See Plays For Free

Wanna see plays at local theaters for free well that should not be very difficult. Many of these theaters will gladly take your help and services in ushering in return for a free ticket to that nights showing.

Contact the theaters to find out more information.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stay tuned.....

for the new Diva Bugs website.

Coming soon....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

West Virginia is for Friends!

It did not take long for me to say yes to another day trip to West Virginia. The first time was a water tubing trip. This time it would be a day spa excursion to help a friend celebrate her birthday.

At last Sunday was finally here! I woke up in a great mood eventhough I had forgotten about daylight savings time again this year. (Note to self: add to calendar, outlook, yahoo, etc. etc.) I got up, did my early morning Sunday duties, stopped by Starbucks, grabbed my chai latte and headed off to meet the ladies.

All five of us got in the same car and drove off to Berkeley Springs. There is nothing like a short day trip to bring out the best in everyone. With a low playing melody in the background we were able talk about everything from relationships, work, past events and life in general. We were not distracted by telephones, television or work. Very relaxing.

Two hours later we were in West Virginia. We checked into the Spa in Berkeley Springs. They offered mineral water baths with the option of roman or relaxing, steam baths and full body massages. The package we chose was the roman or relaxing bath coupled with the full body massage. The total was $45 tax included. What a bargain...

I chose the relaxing bath which was offered in a victorian tub located in a private curtained off room. To be honest the room was private except for the attendant being there in the beginning (interesting) and when she came back to turn off the bubbles. But if you are in relaxed mode like I was ... nothing should bother your groove.

Don’t get me wrong the facilities were not on the same level as Elizabeth Arden or Cultura Med but they offered the West Virginia experience - clean air, starlight skies, rustic and away from the city feelings. My massage was definitely worth the trip eventhough the masseuse used olive oil that you can purchase from like ... the grocery store, but which is still really good for the skin. Most importantly, I felt the calming effects of that massage way after dinner. In the end, some of us liked various aspects of the experience more than others. But overall, the experience of a girlfriend getaway overshadowed our expectations of luxury.

After our spa appointments we drove around to various campsites and then we had dinner at the restaurant Panaroma near an overlook and only 3 miles from the spa.

Perfect end to a perfect day for diva-socialistas!

Scene near the restaurant.

Toast to a great day and the birthday girl!

Tesia and Schwanda(birthday girl).

Me and Nimu.

(Photos courtesy of Schwanda Rountree)

Here are some cool websites just in case you are interested in taking a day trip too.

For white water rafting and tubing try -

Monday, October 30, 2006

Pearls Of Wisdom from...the furnace service guy.

My furnace had not been working for the last few weeks so the recent cold front made my house cold and uncomfortable.

The service guy came by last Saturday to resolve this issue. I quickly told him about my problem and he then started to brag about his tool bag - how its all in one, easy to carry and has a spot for his drill...etc. (Aside: Yes I do have conversations with random visitors to my home. Sure his tool bag looked like all the others I had seen before - but he was happy and so was I. He was not charging by the hour.)

Finally he took a look at my furnace and turns to me with that look in his eyes and I jokingly say "if the worse case scenario is going through your mind right now please do not say it out loud." I did not want to be jinxed and have Murphy's law invoked prematurely. He responds philosophically, "do you believe in the strength of words? I do. Its actually in the Bible in the book of John. Do you know you can hurt and kill someone with your words?"

I pondered this statement for a moment and agreed with him. Words can kill more than just someone's spirit. They have the strength of a bullet. Disrespectful words can make someone feel like a loser, nasty words can destroy self-esteem and unkind words can break a person's heart.

Needless to say at the end of the visit he placed my bill on a book that he slid across my brand new dining room table with too much downward pressure. He left a minor scratch mark - on my table. I opted to forcefully but nicely point out the scratch and did not kill him with my words especially since the worse case scenario had not been the issue with my furnace.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Two questions we all hate

I met new buddies on Friday. I was not really trying, my shirt was not cleavage bearing and I was drinking my usual soda and lemon. Pretty tamed for a Friday. But all together puzzling and shocking. Like, this is not supposed to happen in DC.

So here is the scenario. Keep in mind I am changing their names for privacy reasons. I am meeting one of my good friends and she is running late so I hang out at the bar, order something to drink and just make merry with myself. The guy to my left is friendly enough and a few minutes after I sit down another guy shows up. Lets call him Carl. We start to talk about life, family, where he/I grew up, living in DC. Fun times.

A few minutes later his friend shows up at around the same time my friend does. We both start speaking to our respective friends and then the expected introductions are made. Right away my friend also an attorney goes for the DC jugular (read in slow motion) - “Where do you work? What do you do?” The guys are polite. The convo turns to work. We all go back to our cocoons. She and I start talking about Bikram “hot” yoga and how I will never do it again - self-inflicted suffering I say - and how she just loves loves loves it. I am more into Vinyasa nowadays. Whatevs. The guys talk about whatever.

So when the yoga talks wind down I figure I was on a role meeting new people so we might as well keep the momentum going. Brief talks to the guy on the left about spilled beer now back to Carl and friend. Right away we start talking about the social scene in DC and Friend of Carl (FOC) says “I hate it when people here ask me right off the bat - ‘where do you work? what do you do?” My friend says she knows it sucks when she asks those questions but it has become a bad habit after living in the area for over 5 years.

Interesting. Everyone complains about these questions and yet they give life to the cycle by mentioning them at every outing. Well I have boycotted these types of questions. They label DC folks or folks in general as stuffy and the type of people who only care about aesthetics and credentials. In the end and in most circles these become a game of one up. And who wants to be one upped by someone or given a snotty look because you just aren’t worthy to be talking to them. What a downer! Doesn’t the old adage go if you don’t want to answer the same question don’t ask it in the first place. What a quick way to end what could have been a great conversation about childhood mishaps and hobbies.

Maybe I have it backwards but I find that I am more attracted to people who have more dimension to their personality and character than work. It’s a given that most people you meet will be employed. Not all of them can be potential mates but some can be potential buddies.

What kind of dinner party could you have with stuffy people who only like talking about work - how fun can that be. And then again keep asking those questions and you will never meet enough folks to invite to dinner.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fun with t-shirts...Tall Is Her Body

Hi Everyone,

My sister Fiona has been fundraising for her thesis film project for about a year now. To help her raise money I have been deconstructing t-shirts for her. The designs are quirky and fun. Check out her blog and buy a t-shirt or donate $$$ to show your support!

Here are some of the shirts....


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Decisions, Decisions.

On our first day at work I found myself less intrigued by the multitude of forms placed before me in the conference room and more fascinated by the cornrowed hair of my new co-worker. We were at this prestigious NY law firm for a summer internship that would eventually lead to full time employment post-graduation and there she was wearing braids. Shocking! But more importantly - I was surprised but yet relieved that her fashion choice might draw attention away from my ½ inch long curls. Why was it even an issue? We were both employed on our individual academic merit as students from tier one law schools.

We have all grown up hearing that the biggest balancing act we will face during our professional careers will be balancing work and family. But for some single and dating professional women without families the current scales of life entail balancing our professional fashion sense with our personal stylistic leanings.

Some women like Raymone Bain, publicist extraordinaire and recent focus of a Washington Post piece have an easier time at this task since she does not work in a corporate environment and because her job entails her being in the public eye. Her various employers have all been in the entertainment industry so there is less a faux pas about not wearing the right colors, accessories or hairstyle. She can wear the designer jeans with the blazer or the red suit and her job will not be in jeopardy.

For most women designer jeans and a red suit are not practical options for work. Our professional wardrobe is limited both by our insecurities and by unwritten rules of the workplace. So, beyond the everyday uniform which may consist of dark slacks and collared shirt, every outfit might be a challenge for some. For men, however, the idea of business casual means simply a suit without the jacket or tie. Eventhough they often seem jealous that we have more options than they do, I think women have the proverbial shorter end of the stick. Our abundance of choices often lead to more noticeable lapse in judgment. We also have the dilemma of wondering "should I run the rouge brush over my cheeks a third time, or do I wear the female version of the male uniform - a skirt or pair of slacks with a collared shirt and pearls or do I go with the wrap floral print and the bodacious brooch? What do I wear that would keep the gaze of a potential networking contact on my pupils and not my cleavage or rear end or even my legs." After all this time and effort who is the judge of what is correct and appropriate? What are the criteria if there are really any at all?

All an all, I have learned especially when I wore my hair short and from observing daring professional women that with self-confidence and a levelled chin nothing especially an outfit choice will overshadow You.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

See and be seen...where to go

For those who are always asking me or other diva-socialistas about new places to go for happy hour... here are my fav spots.

I know the scenario all too well. I've been there too. You work all week and don't think about Friday night until 3pm and it hits you that you don't know where to go. You call up the first BFF's number that you can remember and if she does not have plans she too is wondering where the beautiful people are going to be. Yikes! A dilemma because you don't want to go to the same place every week. Variety is after all the spice of life.

So, I've made up a list to help all of us when we forget our options.

Here is my list...

Chic Hang outs:
1.) Oya - tres chic - (
2.) Zola - romantic and fun with friends - (
3.) Tabaq Bistro - best view- (
4.) Hotel Monaco - cutest fries - 8th and F St., NW
5.) Zaytinya's - mediterranean tapas; lotsa folks -

Bring a book:
1.) Busboys and poets - great prices; lotsa options - (
2.) Mocha Hut - beautiful people - 14th and U St., NW
3.) Tryst - old comfort - Adams Morgan/ 18th St., NW
4.) Mayorca Cafe - Silver Spring has lots to offer - Georgia Ave
5.) Love Cafe - pricey but fun for studying - 15th and U St., NW

New York flava:
1.) Indeblue - best interior design in da city - (
2.) Zengo - great mix of food and folks -

Mexican/Spanish Cravings:
1.) Rosa Mexicano - (
2.) Jaleo - (
3.) La Tosca - (
4.) Lauriol Plaza - (

Old Favs:
1.) Utopia - (
2.) Chi cha Lounge - (
3.) Georgia Browns - (
4.) Rumba Cafe - (

1.) The Hotel Tabard inn - romantic - (
2.) Ritz Carlton in G'town - 3.) Mie N Yu -

You never know who you'll meet...
1.) Embassy Suites lounge - 10th and H St., NW
2.) McCormick and Schmidts - 9th and F St., (
3.) Ghana Cafe - (
4.) Hotel Helix - (
5.) Clydes - Gallery Place/Chinatown

Play Ball:
1.) Lucky Strike - bowling - 7th St., NW, inside Gallery Place movie theater
2.) ESPN Zone -
3.) Champs - Pentagon Row
4.) The Tombs/Clydes -
5.) Cue - pool, darts and music -

I like going to the places listed above because they have a lot to offer besides just seeing other folks. Some have fun activities while others have great ambience and good food. Overall worth your while if you are looking for something to do.

So technically my list is a great DC find!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Holiday Orders

Hi Divas and Gents,

The holidays will be here before you know - so don't hesitate to place your orders! You can do so by emailing us at or by calling (202) 387-0149. We take payment in any form...we've got it like that!



Monday, October 02, 2006

Great DC find ... Ethiopian Wrap.

Some of you may or may not know that if you wanna find me on a Saturday am you should look no further than the hair salon. Well this Saturday was no different. As per usual, I was in Silver Spring when I stopped by Kefa Cafe for something to eat on my way home. While at this spot I noticed colorful handmade Ethiopian wraps on sale for $15 and $20. The colors were absolutely diva divine! I tried one on and wallah...had to buy it!

So here is the wrap and a quick lesson on ways wear one.

The divine flip - chic and warm

Faux cummerband

Casual - careful placement with little effort

African royalty

The ruffled tie

Most definitely another Great DC Find!

At Long Last ... Fashion Show Pics!

Can I just tell you how happy I was when I heard my friend Lee Eng had pics of the Fall 2005 show! I was so excited I think I would've have popped. Well actually I jumped up and down and screamed which is the next best thing! Exciting. Kudos and hugs to her. And without muchado...

Me ... wearing one of my scarves in green. I was trying to loop it around in a fashionable way so that it ... ummmm went well with my outfit(Lynelle Boutique).

(L to R) Vaishali, Quan and Fiona doing their thing.

Vaishali... lovely, lovely.

Brian Evans (designer), V and Fiona.

Nakia strutting her stuff.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Great DC find ... $1 Sale - Bloomingdales makeup line

Hey Divas...

Hope you all can quick type to the Eye Lips Face website a new promotional makeup line featured by Bloomingdales. Everything at least for now is $1 ... ummmm yeah! I am not joking. $7 shipping with no added tax.

The site is slow so it'll be a wait but well worth it....

Another Great DC Find...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Scarf Sale! Indigo Landing - Great DC Find...

Before we go into the Great DC Find get talk about the SALE!

Diva Bugs Sale! First to ping me gets the bug!

Featured product...

One "Diva" Scarf is available for sale (similar to the one in the above pic) in Orange/Purple mohair blend yarn with swavorski crystals and glass beads. The scarf is just like the one in the pics.

Orig price: $ 90; 30% off Sale: $ 60

From now on I am going to try to post Great DC finds on a weekly basis to be included in information about Diva Bugs. To start with, I consider every find a Bug - accessory or not!

Diva Dictionary:

Bug [buhg]
1. that which makes a Diva happy. She can't live without it and oftentimes wants to hide its whereabouts from her friends. Sometimes its a unique dress and other times its just the best darn cheesecake that set her party off! Either way a Diva must have it. It makes her unique and who she is. Currently, Heidi's Kimono shirt is her favorite bug.

Love it....;)

Well anyway... at Diva Bugs we are all about the Diva and we believe that DC has a lot to offer. Like you I am always game for finding new, fun and chic places to go and things to buy. It does not matter if that thing or bug is a great dress or the best falafel sandwich ever! (that will be my next post) So I have decided that I am going to share my there will be no "shush girl, don't you dare tell your friends about this new find." Share the love Divas and Gents!

Great DC Find....

This weeks Great DC Find is Indigo Landing Restaurant.

What an amazing view of DC! Everything about this spot buzzed romantic! Its located at the Washington Sailing Marina right on the Potomac River and only less than 10 minutes away from DC. I am a bread person so I have to give the bread/cornbread basket an A+. The crabcake appetizer was all real crabmeat and scrumptious. The entrees are all country-themed ... I was surprised that they were so good but I have to admit that the trout dish could’ve been better. In the end its all about the view! Not your typical DC hangout. Definitely a great DC find!

Year in recap

Hi Everyone,

A whole year has gone by since my last post and so much has happened since then!! WOW! Let me just take a moment to update you on what we've been up to.

Fall 2005 -

Henri Bendel: Diva Bugs was offered the opportunity to show our wares to the folks at Henri Bendel in NYC. Although our purses were not selected for a trunk show we were really excited about the opportunity. The trip to NY was amazing. We had the opportunity to network with other designers some of whom have become amazing inspirations and friends.

During that trip we attended the Annual International Fabric Show in NY with some of the designers we met at the HB show. It was great seeing the different colors, textures and fabric designs available for large and small design houses.

Fall Fashion Show (charity - Dress for Success):

So as a way to introduce Diva Bugs to the community - I planned a fashion show at Busboys and Poets last Fall. The show was a great hit and we were able to raise a few hundred dollars for my favorite charity - Dress for Success. ( The show went off without a hitch.

Kudos to my co-producer Babatunde, all our models and all the local stores and designers that participated in the show. We want to again thank - Busboys and Poets, Lynelle Boutique, Brian Evans, Nana, Trade Secrets and Habitat.

Before the show....

After the show... ok we goofed on the pics of the show. But here are some pics of me, the models and some friends. We are all celebrating the show. And if you look at the group photo - Laura on the right is wearing a cream Diva Shawl and Nakia on the left is holding a black ostrich feather Racquel purse.

Craft Shows:

See pics...

March 2006 - Hotel Monaco Show:

Okay... so the earlier part of this year was spent preparing for the Hotel Monaco event to benefit Dress for Success. It was a great show! We had lots of visitors to our table and our new collection debuted that night as well.

See pics...

Summer 2006:

This past summer was spent working the website.

I have also been working on some jewelry and with with knitting and sewing staff.

Here is a taste of what is to come....

Diva Bugs has come a long way....

In Local Stores:

You can find us at ...
Lynelle Boutique - 14th and L St.,NW
Alex Boutique - 19th and I St., NW

We hope to soon be in boutiques in New York....ummmm wish list! ;)

Updated webpage...coming soon!

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