Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker - Trendspotting and Revisiting the Baggy Jeans

Hi Darlings:

What a past week I've had...allergies are no fun especially when they come with complications! Well I finally feel better. The one vision that stands out in my memory from last week were pics of Sarah Jessica Parker in booties. She even makes a highly questioned fashion choice by Katie Holmes look great! How Carrie-esque of her! Or maybe we are just getting used to the idea that at least for now baggy jeans are coming back in style! I think ankle booties are so diva-divine that I had one of the characters in my new blog A Diva Would Never wear them with a dress.

Share your opinion!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Today Show...Fall Shopping under $50

Hi Darlings:
Since today is the first official day of Fall maybe you can get some wardrobe ideas from this video.

Hugs and besos.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Naomi Campbell Shares the Spotlight.

Hi Darlings:

Who would've thought this day would ever come...Naomi sharing the catwalk. Maybe the happenings in the last few months brought out a different side of Naomi as she struts her stuff along side Chanel Iman. Well it was her Fashion for Relief Annual Charity Fashion Show...maybe that's the explanation. I would like to believe the selflessness has always been there. Here are some pictures below of her and model Chanel Iman (cute name) at the show.

Also, take a look at the video.

Hugs and besos.

pictures: Stuff Fly People Like

Julia Roberts and the Crop Jacket Dilemma.

Hi Darlings:

I love crop jackets! As a matter of fact they are one of my favorite items of clothing because of the versatilility. If a dress is showing too much cleavage the addition of the crop jacket resolves that issue in a minute. They dress up a pair of jeans and t-shirt and crop jackets are perfect for the beginning of Fall. Personally I like them because of the chic factor and diva-divine value they add to an outfit. Every closet needs one or two. I believe everyone has a right to wear what they want but I was a little thrown off by the picture below. What do you think?

Hugs and besos.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eva Longoria ... Did they call her FAT?

Hi Darlings:

Yesterday, I decided to step into the gym after being MIA for a little over a week. I was eating too much of what I should not and I just felt it was time. My proverbial chi was off because working out keeps me spiritually and physically balanced. Needless to say, I feel much better after my all cardio session so guess who is heading to the gym again today. However, I could tell that I had gained a pound or too (blame the delicious raisin bread from the farmer's market) but thankfully my friends did not go around calling me fat...well at least not to my face. Hmmmm.

But, can you imagine that Eva Longoria's friends think she is FAT and using that as an excuse to give the press for why they are wrong in considering her pregnant because she has supposedly gained some weight. First of all, that is so irresponsible of a statement to make when there are so many fragile young girls out there who look up to her as an image role model. What are they going to now think about themselves? Because even I look at the picture above and can't tell where she is storing the fat. Maybe that's something she can get trademarked and sell for tons of cash because its amazing how well it's hidden.

-Hugs and besos


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Michelle Obama on Paula Deen

Hi Darlings:

I think Michelle Obama is great but I lurve Paula Deen. Here is Michelle on Paula's show. I am sure good eats were had by all. Paula more than likely out did herself again. I can't believe she will be here in early November.

Hugs and besos.

Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera and Andre 3000 - Extreme Fashion Statement

Hi Darlings:

Here is a recent Declare Yourself ad featuring Jessica Alba. I am all for fashion statements like brooch on the belt, fantastic 4" heels with bows or just random color pairings. But, I have to commend Jessica Alba for the message she is trying to send with this ad as it has surely gotten many tongues wagging including mine. Any attempt to bring attention to voter registration wins my support.

Here are some more celebs making statements:

Hugs and besos.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Plaid is back...ask Jeffrey Banks and Doria de la Chapelle

Hi Darlings:

Photo: Ralph Lauren - Geraldine Plaid dress - $149.99 on sale

I remember when I wore a plaid uniform in high school I did not consider anything about that gray, red, green and blue striped outfit to be fashionable. It was utilitarian but not a social standout and in those days did not make me a trendsetter. However, I recently saw a CBS Sunday Morning commentary featuring authors and fashionistas, Jeffrey Bank and Doria de la Chappelle about their book Tartan: Romancing the Plaid. The commentary accompanying the interview stated that plaid was the fabric of the season. Hearing this I began to think that a perplexing fashion invasion was on the horizon. Now I think you remember my mentioning last year that plaid, especially used in winter coats was making a fashion comeback. But, I thought for sure the plaid fabrics would go the way of high-waisted pants and be a flash in the pan, once in a generation style experiment. According to the "experts" I am wrong. Surprisingly, this fabric is considered a choice of comfort like hamburgers and fries when you are sad or baked macaroni n cheese on a cold day. How fascinating! Well you never know what will become en vogue tomorrow. It makes giving away lightly worns all the more difficult.

Hugs and besos.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Minx Nails Update

Hi Darlings:

I know when I wrote about Minx Nails previously many of you were curious about the process. I remember my experience and can assure you that I had a marvelous time and was amazed at having my nails done in no time without the accidental smudging when I reached for my keys. Take a look at this video so you can see for yourself what Minx Nails is all about.

Hugs and besos.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fashionista to Watch: Rachel Bilson

Hi Darlings:

Everytime I see a picture of Rachel Bilson, I am always pleasantly surprised. She is a statement maker although a subtle one. One day she shakes it up with bangs or the next with cute bangles. Even when she is casual her outfits are spiced up with eye catching shoes that are gloriously divine. See shoes above matched with casual shorty-shorts and t-shirts. I just love it that she looks fab no matter what. I feel like we should become bff's and share accessories.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Convention Fashion...Hmmm.

Hi Darlings,

Going with the convention fashion theme here are more convention fashion statements from the RNC.

Hugs and besos.
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