Sunday, July 27, 2008

Headbands: The Fad Only a Celeb Can Love

Hi Darlings:

Throughout the years there have been many accessory fads that have started in Hollywood and made it to the mainstream but there are equally many that seem to not catch on with the "everyday" gal. More recently, gladiator shoes, for example, have been the accessory du jour. Granted they might have started with Balenciaga but they've become more popular as celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Mary Kate Olsen, and Gwyneth Paltrow are seen wearing them on and off the red carpet.

The over-sized sunglasses look made a comeback via Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and homage to Jackie O and now even middle end brand stores like Express and H&M carry the look. Even I have a pair now.
However, the headband or scarf on the forehead tied behind the head look is just a hippie inspired trend that hasn't caught on.

The "every day" gal has not taken to it no matter how many celebs are photographed for wearing the costumed seeming look. Thank goodness! The thought of the forehead imprint and dent in a perfectly coiffed hairstyle is just too much to bare.

I think we "every day" gals prefer the ordinary look when it comes to scarves, so we are sticking to using them as the traditional necktie, triangular head tie, as a belt or even to adorn our purses. Somebody should mention this to Aubrey O'Day of Danity Kane...she now designs these headbands for sale on her Heart on my Sleeve website to the "every day" gal.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recessionista - In! Budget Fashionista - Out....

Hi Darlings:

It is truly a sign of the times when the hemline is attributed to the stock market downturn. Yesterday, a NY Times article quipped that the lower the hemline the lower the stock market. As in all the hippie style dresses we have been seeing lately are forecasting the economic downturn.

I actually rolled my eyes because this analogy most definitely did not take into consideration the random days that the market does go up unexpectedly. Was Cameron just not paying attention to the times of economic stability when she wore this Dior dress to the Academy Awards a few years ago, while Katherine Jenkins got the memo this year and wore the more appropriate long dress by John Galliano to Mandela's 90th birthday party?
What would Gwyneth Paltrow do (WWGD)?

She loves a short dress and most recently she has being wearing her hemline shorter and shorter. Is it that the stocks purchase by the celebs with the short hemline are doing better than ever and the ankle length hems of the others are a sign of not doing as well? Gwyneth's recent movie Iron Man did do remarkably well in the theaters. Maybe her stock is just going up in general...after years of being a stay at home mom to now having success in the box office.
Imagine my surprise last night when Cynthia McFadden declared last night on Primetime that Recessionista is in... The Recessionista? They must have also read this article. Go figure. It is most definitely a sign of the time...

Hugs and besos.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Check Out...Red Carpet Colors

Hi Darlings:

Check out my friend's new blog Red Carpet Colors. She blogs about our favorite topic! Most importantly fashion on the red carpet. Her goal is to feature pictures of African-Americans on the red carpet while also focusing on snippets of their lives, work and of course water cooler topics. Loves it!


Divas in the News and More...Victoria Beckham, Ingrid Betancourt, Shakira and more...

Hi Darlings:

Tattoos are taboo - who knew! Many of us, who chose not to get tattoos for various personal reasons have known they were not and never would be the in vogue fashion statement. Like for example, I would never have a professional tattoo artist draw jaguar paws on my ta-tas...yuck! Of course, a more discreet expression can be a welcomed personal statement for many...

But for some jewish women/men for various religious reasons ... not being able to be buried in a jewish cemetry ... tattoos were a no no if they wanted to avoid eternal damnation...but not anymore. (NY Times)

I know you are just as excited as I am that Ingrid Betancourt former Columbian politician was freed after over 6 years of captivity. I am also hoping for the day when Aung San Suu Kyi can be free as well. As for Ingrid, here she is getting hip with Shakira. (Lossip)

Everyone is abuzz about Wicked coming to the big screen! Question - will it garner the excitement of Mamma Mia coming to theaters this weekend...

Victoria Beckham does Allure Magazine... Lets think about that again Victoria Beckham looking sultry, soft and almost smiling with no straight edges as in hair, lips, and face. Inneresting!
Before the Cover: After the Cover:

Hugs and besos.

Diva Bugs - Cocktail Rings are In.

Hi Darlings:

Happy Hump Day!

So much to do, so little time. I have a show coming up for Diva Bugs tomorrow a Young Adult Women day at Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church. I was invited by my client J and have been busy creating cocktail rings for the event.

And I sold one this morning!! - a gold and silver diva divine creation. (see above) They are not on the website yet but I will try to get them on soon. In the meantime, if you are inclined to order one email me at or - they range in price from $30+. The ring above - sterling silver and gold plated is $35.

Hugs and besos!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bachelorette - Disappointing End

Hi Darlings:

I guess since I started the discourse on the Bachelorette, I should just inform you that a decision was made and she did not pick Jason as we expected. Silence.

(Photo from
I thought Jason was purrrrfect for her - mature, cute, cute, nice and stable, a trait I don't find as appalling as she did. She choose Jesse the snowboarder - adventurous. I guess he is a good guy too. Hey, to each his own. And with that I think I will be boycotting future episodes of this show...well at least for the time being. :)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Envogue: Modern Tunic

Hi Darlings:

Hop you had a fabulous Fourth of July holiday.

I am sure you saw this on Blake Lively:

and this pic of Cameron Diaz:

But did not put it all together that the outfit could be a tunic and not simply a dress. It's like a more stylish version of your boyfriend's longsleeve dress shirt. Blake's dress from Rag and Bone is $325 and sold out so you might have to settle for the ole guy's shirt with a leather belt to outline the waist of course.

Or you could get this poplin tunic from Victoria's Secret for $28...

Hugs and besos.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lessons Learned: Bachelorette

Ok Darlings:

Admittedly, there was a time that I boycotted shows like the Bachelorette and the Bachelor. But after not watching for years I randomly started watching the Bachelorette this year and after two episodes I was hooked. Now, I am bouncing in my seat waiting for the season finale when we finally find out who the current bachelorette Deanna chooses. She has narrowed the pool to two men who are equal parts nice and gorgeous. Hmmm...hope it lasts!

The main selling point about this season was the directness and strength exuded by Deanna. She is like a lioness on the prowl - devouring her prey i.e. male suitors one by one when they don't live up to her expectations. I figured watching her in action there were many lessons to be learned of what not to and what to do. Like many women she is on a mission to find a husband however, unlike most her attitude was "take no prisoners." Everyone knows her motives - a tactic that in the real world would scare potential suitors but on the show is a welcomed truth. I am entirely fascinated by her honestly and lack of game playing which I find refreshing and admirable. To many relationship = games that never end. They are routine distractions that keep us from our goals. There is a lot to learn from Deanna's focus. I can't wait for the season finale on Monday, July 7th. Viva Lurve!

Hugs and besos,
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