Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Angela and Vanessa Simmons- "Daddy's Girls"

Hi Darlings:

We can probably soon say move over Lauren, Heidi and Audrina (of the Hills) and hello Vanessa and Angela Simmons. According to Black Voices, Angela and Vanessa are set to have a new show on MTV called Daddy's Girls. In this show, they will showcase their already blossoming careers as well as their personal lives - imagine that!
Wasn't it just yesterday they were in high school or just coming on the fashion scene pondering the age old question "What am I going to do with my life?" Now, we will be able to watch Vanessa as she works on her first movie. They now have a popular shoe and clothing line called Pastry and the show will spotlight the development of this brand. It's amazing to see how much they've developed from being the "kids" on Run's House.

Gone are the days when Angela wore not so fashionable gear in high school and Vanessa was a model rehearsing for her first acting role on Guiding Light, where she is now. Come to think of it, their love lives are getting a little spicier too! This is definitely a show I will watch!

I also like that every time I see them on the red carpet they are always look great.
They can never be accused of making any "worst dressed" list. They have evolved into true fashionistas. Hugs and besos.

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