Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lipstick Jungle - Season 2, Episode 3

Hi Darlings:

I loved tonight's episode for two reasons. The first being the color purple and simplicity. The second being the plot twists. The storyline is coming into its own which thrills me SO we are going to discuss both the episode and the fashion choices together.

There was a lot of purple in tonight's episode. I was happy to see that because I believe purple is the color of the season whether you are on a budget or not. I am on a budget like many of you but I still recently purchased a purple purse. Not only was purple on display but so was simplicity. Let's now talk plot and style.
The episode started with Victory on a date with Rodrigo as they are interrupted by a phone call from Joe. She wore a red dress with a full skirt and plunging neckline - as in her tatas were bursting to be set free. Very date appropriate if you wanted to take it to the next level/base! Which reminded me of my Dad's saying "your clothes send a message to the guy you are with so dress appropriately" Dad was right! Well the message was not lost on contractor guy because he did not take the bait as he decided to head home to his 10-year old daughter Sandy.

The next day when confronted with Joe's new Russian designer "friend" she wore a green dress (envy) with purple print and purple purse, similar to the purse Wendy used in the last episode. Loved the body hugging dress and the simple gold hoop earrings and headband utilized as accessories. She broke up with Rodrigo - his idea - since he sensed something was up with her and Joe who was acting a bit on the immature side. She was wearing a purple princess cut. But when she wore the creamy purple brocade dress with the pearl-like bracelet they more than made up for lost time. I will add this making up happened after she spotted Joe at a lounge with the Russian and told him she was sooo over him. I don't think billionaires like being rejected. will this effect the construction project and their relationship as business partners? He did not look happy in the end.

Wendy is typical of the do-gooder who just messes everything up trying to help everybody. Aside from learning from her that we should always moisturize before going to bed, we note that no matter how much we feel for your friends financial situation it should never amount to commiting fraud to help them! Yes Fraud... Who is helped if you have to go to jail? Noah - the friend with cancer that she forged the insurance papers for in secret - Died! The loss could not be recouped and she found out his family would have to pay - while wearing a royal purple shirt with a gold necklace and exquisite pencil skirt with individual buttons down the back - from her new boss. While wearing a gray knit dress, hair in a simple bun and simple earrings - she was fired! Seriously, I loved her "you're fired" outfit. If you have to go down and take the fall for lack of judgment - you might as well look fabulous. She did and we are so proud! What will she wear on her job search? Or maybe she will switch to simple chic as she becomes a stay at home mom.

Nico is dealing with the reality of no walls in the way of an open relationship with Kirby. She also has a little issue at work - new boss and protests against an editorial featuring demented chic - ie models in high fashion at a mental institute being lead around by orderlies. Hmmm...that's how the mag staff explained it. To defend herself at the meeting she wore her usual professional shell-like shirt but she also wore the black framed glasses and the simple pearl and gold necklace. The look was not intimidating enough...her new boss shut her down. She did have a red dress with a sewed on jeweled trim (great budget idea) but I loved the simple purple dress and the gold cuff she wore later in the episode when she shook things up. The cuff - sort of wonder woman like were appropriate as she took on her boss and dealt with her relationship with Kirby phobias. One thing we can probably expect next episode is that she will wear pearls and something white (she wore white jeans and a white dress in the episode) but it is refreshing when she adds a little more color like purple here and there as a constant alternative.

Oh yeah... Rosie Perez was back an causing trouble. She set up Victory on a blind date with random men from an online dating site. It seems she might've even registered Victory on one of those sites! Where have I heard this before. And that is all I have tonight.

Hugs and besos.

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