Thursday, October 02, 2008

Lipstick Jungle - Season 2, Episode 1

Hi Darlings:

Grrrrr...just spent hours writing this post only to loose it! I know I am behind so I will post Episode 2 tomorrow.

Deep breath! I loved the premiere episode for the same reason I have always tuned into Lipstick Jungle - the fashion is on point! It's a great show that showcases amazing looks and accessory trends however plot-wise I am always expecting the storyline to keep me awake until the next episode and sometimes that does not happen. After watching Episode 1 - I am hopeful that this season will be fantastic!

I call this episode the Shift and Necklace episode. The outfits were like the clash of the titans - strong fabrics and cuts- mostly seen on Nico and Wendy an eventually on Victory - combined with feminine treats that I love, like brooches, multi-stranded necklaces, floral oversided rings and shoes with gems/crystals! Loved it all. Nico's outfits were amazing and the multi-stranded gold and gem pieces were GREAT.

At the funny funeral - I loved the way they all did the black and white looks. I feel like I should run in my closet and start putting jewelry together. The simple canvas of the shift dress is an amazing medium to showcase jewelry!

As for the plot...the excitement for me begins and ends with Nico's story. The deceased husband's three year relationship with the pregnant student and the plotting to sue her for divorce under the guise of abandonment. College professors have too much time on their hands! And the botox in the "you know where" - I guess it is the magic drug. I wonder if her cab ride leads to Kirby!

As for Wendy and Victory. Victory, when are you just going to eventually get back with Joe. If I were her I would keep my eye on Dahlia (Rosie Perez) who loves shoving her decolletage in his face. Wendy's mom (Jane Fonda) brings to light her conflict of work and family. Hopefully she will choose balance and not lean more towards one or the other. You can have what you want it just depends on the why, how and whens!!!

Hugs and besos.


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Racquel said...

I didn't know Rosie Perez was in that show? Wow.

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