Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jessica Alba's Scarves and Cameron Diaz's Jackets

Hi Darlings:

Two days ago it was so windy I felt like I was in a sand storm. The last thing I cared about was how I looked while I was smacked around by the gust and the dust on the way to work...not fun! Ummm...did the newscaster just call for potential bad weather tomorrow? This is not good news but then again it is February and we’ve barely had a real snow day in DC. I hope your week is going well and if not well you still have the weekend to make up for lost fun!

Why do Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz always seem to have fun in the winter? They both should be known by their accessories as well as their acting. Jessica Alba is “scarf queen” and Cameron is the ”jacket diva”. I know you've noticed that thet've both found ways to insert these staples in their wardrobe throughout the year.


(photo: Popsugar)


Hugs and besos

Jamie Foxx and Ryan Gosling ... with or without

Hi Darlings:

Just when you were getting used to seeing them with beards they go around and switch it up. As usual this style change for men is always so risky. Here are pics of Ryan Gosling and Jamie Foxx before and after their recent clean shaven looks...which one do you like best?
Jamie is now promoting a new reality show on MTv called "From G's to Gents" and Ryan was just recently seen at the Independent Tribute Award show in Santa Barbara and he recently won a SAG award.

Smithsonian Museum - Celebs Donate Memorabilia

Hi Darlings:

Just in case you have re-run nostalgia for the Brady Bunch, Cat Woman and other fun shows from the Golden Age of Television... just go to the National Museum of American History where you will be able to see Angela Lansbury's type writer, Carol Channing's famous diamond dress, Julie Newmar's original Catwoman's suit and many more.
(from NMAH)
How exciting! I grew up on Brady Bunch and Murder She Wrote re-runs. It should be tons of fun to see these famous items up close. A fun and free excursion.

Oprah with the Midas Touch...

Hi Darlings:

The "Oprah Sarcophagus" by Daniel Edwards debuted today. Edwards known for his now famous 3-dimensional portrayals of celebs like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and even public figures like Fidel Castro has added Oprah to his CV. Oprah naked...interesting. The sculpture is named after Oprah but I think that is where the resemblance ends.

What do you think?

Hugs and besos.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jaslene Gonzalez, Finesse Mitchell and more...

Hi Darlings:

I came across this photo of Jaslene from America's Next Top Model.

Ok, so it's not what you think... We all have to get used to the idea that she is just a very thin girl! Hello. Some women are just built like that. It's just that her fashion choices are just hard to swallow sometimes...the hair and outfit are always so 20 years ago.

Someone who is darling to look at is ... Finnesse Mitchell, formerly of Saturday Night Life. I recently saw his show at an Arlington bar and had a great time. He had us all in stitches the entire time and is a must see if he brings his show to your city. He is also yummy to look at!

You will note my vintage coat purchased at Nana on U St., NW some years ago. They don't seem to have as great a collection of vintage coats anymore, but there is always Remix on Capitol Hill. They have the largest vintage collection the area everything from Jordache to Halston!

Hugs and besos

Wireless Internet flights? Yes...Its About Time!

Hi Darlings:

I just have to tell you about this wonderful article I just read on Budget Travel. Southwest Airlines and Jet Blue are now offering in-flight wi-fi Internet. Yes! Can you imagine all the new fun activities you can get into while flying? You could probably even download movies from Netflix while flying. Loves it! I could blog about traveling while travelling ... hmmm not that there is much to chat about while stuck in a seat for hours but there are sure to be interesting folks to talk about.

Hugs and besos

Monday, January 28, 2008

SAG Saga...

Hi Darlings:

Something glamorous this way came Sunday night! Ok, so I won't pretend and tell you that I watched the SAG awards show... I didn't but I did watch the pre-show. For some reason I am not really enticed by the purpose of the show but rather the idea that the show serves the purpose of allowing celebs to parade in pretty outfits and show us somewhat of who they are when they are not "acting". As for the "fashion" show, I must say I liked the dresses that were more daring than safe. No one went over no goose, no overt chest exposure.

Pregnancy rumors ruled the night! Giuliana Rancic for the E! Channel was in a panic over recent pregnancy rumors and could not stop talking about gaining "newlywed" weight and her need to work out. How easily the reporter becomes the reported... (see her in the video below)

Angelina Jolie showed up in a silk vintage Hermes parachute dress. Although not the most flattering for her figure it went a long way to fuel the recent pregnancy rumors swirling around her and her partner Brad Pitt. Frankly, I disagree with most observers and think that if she were trying to hide her pregnancy she would have chosen a different dress. Everytime the wind blew it was clear her tummy was flat as could be ... but time will tell and the rumors live on!

(Source: People)
Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!
Marcia Cross and Marcia Gay Harden ....both lost baby weight during the past year and look amazing!
(Source: People)
(Source:TV guide)
Cate Blanchett glowed as she showed off her baby bump in a Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere. The tube dress looked heavy with all the embroidery however her glow and minimal bling added the right sparkle. I also noticed that many attendees refrained from wearing a lot of bling I wonder if this simplicity trend will last. But, with the Oscars still a question mark it might be a while before we find out...
(Source: People)
Ok darlings here is my sum up of top three likes and dislikes.

Loved Loved Loved ....

Sandra Oh
What a refreshing take on the traditional Korean gown. I loved that she supported a small designer and took a risk by choosing a gown with meaning that went against the body shaping trends. The bow and pink color drew your attention to her face. She made a gallant decision to limit her jewelry ... but she really is not known for wearing a lot of jewelry.
(Source: Fabsugar)

Vanessa Williams
Loved this shade of yellow on her. The black sash accent was simply divine with this Escada dress! Sure she wants us to believe she just looked at the look book and would be a perfect fit. (wink, wink, nod, nod)
(Source: People)
Debra Messing - in a statuesque Oscar de la Renta looked Amazing! Diva!
(Source: People)
Honorable mentions: Amanda Bines(Marchesa) and Ashley Tisdale for wearing age appropriate outfits and Rebecca Gayheart also in a beautiful Marchesa gown. hmmm...
(Source: People)
(Source: People)
(Source: People)
I had to include the video below because I loved this red vintage Halston worn by Emmanuelle Chriqui of Entourage and could not find her in pics anywhere...

Did not like, love or thought should have been worn at a black tie!

Ellen Page while in Zac Posen looked more business cocktail ready than black tie.

Tina Fey - black is very yesterday...literally. She should be more daring with her color choices. This Alberta Ferretti dress would have been better for another event. As you can tell I am rebelling against black or not making much of an effort. Somehow on certain people black can be a dower color as is the case with Ellen Page and Tina Fey.

Jane Krakowski - I actually don't want to know who designed this gown.
(Source: TV Guide)
Honorable mention: Eva Longria - very 70's fabric similar to grandma's "vintage" curtain and earrings...interesting look. I was just not into it.
On a different note:

And the award for best dressed spouse goes to .... Keisha Whitaker. I could not believe that she and Forrest have been married for 13 years! That's 26 years in celeb land. They always seem to look so happy together.

Hugs besos

Friday, January 25, 2008

Fashionista to Watch: Stephany Greene

Hi Darlings:

From style expert to fashion guru at University of the District of Columbia...Stephany Greene is helping to change the face of fashion in the District.
Well I am sure some of you are wondering “Who is Stephany Greene?” I wondered the same thing when I first met her last summer. At the fashion rally held in September and hosted and planned by two of the leaders of the fashion community in DC – Abigail de Casanova and Christine Brooks Cropper – Stephany was pointed out in the crowd as someone I should meet and talk to. At the time I instantly I loved her put together look and so by all means we were off to a good start. She had on a white jacket and a fabulous black purse with gold hardware – I think it was Dolce et Gabanna.

She was warm. We spoke briefly about the Fashion Merchandizing Initiative she’s developing at UDC. I took her card with the intent to call her later about the freelance article I was writing about fashion in DC and kept moving on to find other willing interviewees. I called her about the article and saved the card in my “just in case” pile. Well, months later I finally caught up with Stephany and the just in case moment had arrived, I wanted to interview her for the blog. I thought you would really love getting to know her and all that she has planned for the fashion future of the District.

Stephany has been in the fashion business for more than 20 years. A native Washingtonian she started out as a student at the Georgetown Visitation and Duke Ellington schools dreaming about becoming a ballet dancer but in the end realizing that the fashion industry would give her a more stable future. After graduating from Georgetown Visitation, her mind was made up and she was off to NY to major in Fashion Design at the world-renown Pratt Institute. She claims that going to the Pratt Institute opened doors to fashion houses such as Willy Wear where she interned, and Calvin Klein where she started out as an assistant to two designers. She has since worked for Tommy Hilfiger as an outer wear designer for the “TH Athletics” line as well as Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Guess, the NFL and the NBA, to name a few. As time ticked on fashion became her dream.

Even after her storied experience as a designer working with the likes of John Varvatos and Narciso Rodriquez, she welcomed new opportunities to teach Fashion Courses as a Professor at Miami International Institute of Art & Design and Florida International University. Stephany states she was immediately impressed at how much she enjoyed the innovation and interaction involved in the educational process. She gushes that nothing has brought her more joy than “giving students real world experience” in the fashion industry.

What is she doing now in DC? Stephany is spearheading a new wave of fashion innovators now on the horizon in DC. With the support of Charlie Mahone (Dean of School of Business), Dr. Les Vermillion (Chair of the Marketing Department) and Councilmember At-Large Kwame Brown, Stephany is developing the foundation and structure to re-launch the Fashion Merchandising Program, in the School of Business and Public Administration at the University of the District of Columbia - giving DC students the most affordable option on the East Coast for obtaining a career in the fashion industry with the plan to increase enrollment at UDC and improve economic development in the city. The program is currently in the planning stages with introductory classes forecasted for Fall of this year with plans in the works to launch Bachelors and Associates degrees in Fashion Merchandizing by next year. Stephany’s focus will be the business side of fashion not only because of the partnership with the School of Business, but also because learning the business is just as important as having the skills.

[Photo courtesy of Christine Brooks-Cropper: (far left) Stephany Greene; (center) Councilmember Harry Thomas; (second from right) Christine Brooks-Cropper.]

The students at UDC are lucky to have someone as a mentor who enjoys teaching and has a passion for helping the community in an industry where she has been successful.

Stephany is also Chair of the newly formed Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce, originated by Christine Brooks-Cropper – another person who has been an impetus for change in the DC fashion community. (Please go to the site for membership info.)

To find out more about UDC's Fashion Merchandising Program, or to learn more about Stephany's endeavors, visit her website

Divas in the News and more ...

Hi Darlings:

So sad about Heath Ledger. Hopefully his family can grieve in peace. I enjoyed his movies and will miss that there won't be many more in the future.

Au revoir Valentino!

If a jacket were a house... Chanel gets creative and big as the Ritz!

It is now the Moment of Truth at Fox TV.

Hugs and besos.

Shopping for a cause...what a great idea!

Halle has new hair

Hi Darlings:

Have you seen Halle Berry's new hairdo?
(NY Post)
I kinda like it. I just hope that she keeps going short eventually heading back to the cropped cut she wore in the 90's. I miss the old Halle! Overall, kudos to her for looking so fantabulous throughout her pregnancy - if only we could all be so lucky...whenever that happens. Read more about her experience as a pregnant diva during her interview for the February 2008 In Style mag.
In the meantime, here are some pics and a walk down memory lane.

Hugs and besos.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Obama so phat ....

Hi Darlings:

Look what I found in my inbox yesterday... I think this website selling Obama t-shirts along with "Obama so phat..." statements is the cutest idea! If you love "Yo mamma.." jokes and have a little bit of a sense of humor you will enjoy too! Please send other such sites and I will post them too!

Hugs and besos.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hat Attack over accessories

Hi Darlings:

I was at the hair salon on Friday pm when I saw the cutest belt in one of the fashion mags. As per usual, I made a written note to look up the line - Buji Baja by Hat Attack. I was fascinated because the belt in the mag was a dear and under $60 well within our budget fashionista purchase limit. Not sure if you've heard of Hat Attack but on their website they have the cutest hats and accessories. Most are within budget while others might cost a few extra pennies here and there. :) If you get a moment take a look at these two items:

The Buji Baja Luxe rope belt with gold hardware for $92... and The Buji Baja Raffia crocheted clutch with leather trim for $88. Hugs and besos.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

India is envogue at Opi nails...

Hi Darlings:

I have joked with some of my friends that India so envogue now. Instead of waxing I get my eyebrows threaded at an Indian run establishment in DC called Threads (U St., NW betn 15th and 16th); Bhangra music is all over the clubs and is even endorsed by Hip Hop music's Jay-Z; chandelier earrings and thin gold bangles are all the rage; and most definitely the trend towards brighter colors, layering with chiffon, and looser transparent leggings can definitely be seen as an homage to Indian fashion. Now nail polish has gone Indian with the new line by Opi Nails scheduled to launch on Frebruary 6th of this year.

The line contains delightful fuschias, oranges, reds and corals with names like I'm Indi-a Mood for Love, MonSooner or Later, Keys to My Karma and Lunch at the Delhi... so Bollywood and SO cheesy yet so envogue.

So, keep these new colors in mind when you visit the nail salon. They should go well with any Spring outfit or work as a mood brightener for the winter.

Hugs and Besos.

Friday, January 18, 2008

27 Dresses - Good movie...who wudda thunk it?

Hi Darlings: I am not the greatest Katherine Heigl fan eventhough I love Grey's Anatomy, but I have to give her kudos (via my sister) for 27 Dresses. My sister and I are both annoyed with her but she (my sister) broke down and saw the premier of 27 Dresses last night and loved loved it. She said the movie was strong through and through and now I am considering watching it.... go figure.
'27 Dresses' Trailer
'27 Dresses' Trailer

ANTM - What is Yaya up to now?

Hi Darlings:

Just in case you were curious and needed a dose of Americas Next Top Model...see what Yaya is up to. She is slowly becoming a movie diva. Her hair, makeup and skin are fantabulous! Check out her latest movie Honeydripper. Loves it...

Hugs and besos

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kate Bosworth is the new face of Calvin Klein

Hi Darlings:

Kate Bosworth is the new face of Calving Klein. The pics show so much versatility. You almost begin to think she is a teenager. She spoke to NYLON magazine recently about this new endeavour.

Here are some pics:

Milan Fall 2008 - Fashion Shows

Hi Darlings:

I know I haven't really been talking about the Milan shows. Here are some quick updates...

Miuccia Prada is "Putting the Guy in His Place"! How interesting? Take a look at some of the NY Times pics and see what you think...hmmm. Love the murse the second guy is holding not sure about the skirt...yikes!

Hello Magazine has a detailed slide show of everyone from Alberta Ferretti to Fendi.

Beyonce is making waves and for all the wrong reason .. can we say faux pas!

Golden Globes Quiz...

Hi Darlings:

Get over your Golden Globes blues and take this Vogue Mag quiz.

Liya clothing line

Hi Darlings:

Liya Kebede has a new clothing line LemLem inspired by her cute daughter Raee. Read more about what the model, actor, activist and goodwill ambassador is up to in Cookie Magazine.

Hugs and besos.
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