Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halle Berry - The Hair Evolution

Hi Darlings:
I saw the above picture of Halle Berry's new curly hairstyle the other day and I began to reminisce how a few years ago women were getting the "Halle" and not the "Rihanna". The "Halle" or her original close cropped short do was absolutely divine. In my book, nothing she has done since could ever top the fierceness of that style. The "straight and mainstream" that she has been wearing for the last two years or so is a nice look on her but it does not bring out her strong facial features the way the "Halle" did. It just worked for her and ever since I've been hoping she would go back to that look.

In many ways, I sympathize with her because my hair was really short for about 7 years and my styling options were short, wet and curly or short, dry and curly. And the occasional headband or slick back look helped spice up my hair options but it always went back to short, dry and curly or short, wet and curly. Not much innovation there. Now my hair is long and I love having options, so unfortunately for these very same reasons we may never see the "Halle" again.

Which Halle hair evolution is your favorite? (see Poll below)

The "Halle"

The "Short and Wispy"

The "Up do"

The "Straight and Mainstream"

The "Bob"

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