Friday, October 03, 2008

Lipstick Jungle - Season 2, Episode 2

Hi Darlings:

Okay so the plot thickens with Lipstick Jungle and we are getting more interested but it hasn't gotten to the "crap! I just chewed off my nails thinking about this episode" moment. I will discuss the juicy tidbits in a minute but first the most important stuff.

In this the White Dresses and Color Mix Episode (I know cheesy) we see a lot to be fascinated with especially for those of you who are loathe to wear white after Labor Day - old-fashioned or fear the mixture of random color pallets - silly. Even Nico got into the color game and moved away from her usual black when she wore a white and baby-blue dress at the clothing swap party - ok that scene was gross!

What do I think about the white dresses? Well, frankly Divas, I was surprised there were so many but glad they were not over done. Wendy's dress has some metallic weight - sorry no pic - with the gold buckle while Victory's dress was simple with the sweatheart style bust and the lovely, huge turquoise and gold Indian inspired necklace. (see above)

I think white is okay after Labor Day but it must be balanced. You can't just wear a white dress without a white shoe or white purse or wear it with a brown belt and brown shoe or black belt and black shoe. A white outfit needs some other white item to work. Even if that white item is a white necklace.

As for the color mixes, as long as they are in the same color pallet you should be able to mix. This is the fun part of dressing up. Wendy stuck with close colors - pale green necklace with pale green dress and red necklace with red dress but as usual Victory's choices were more daring. She had the pink skirt, passion fruit belt and reddish-shoes - and the work...well except for the big, red, black and furry purse! Yuck! She also mixed the brown soft leather jacket with the mixed color and black gems, the white leather jewelry and jeans with black purse. All earthy and all workable together in the casual sense.

As for the seems like this was the playing with fire episode. Nico is trying to revisit her youth by going to random rave type, I will switch my clothes with strangers parties...yup heard correctly! Thank goodness she still goes to work! Well she found her heart and hooked up her husband's college-aged, baby mamma's child with a trust fund and hopefully that chapter is closed. Wendy forged a doctor's signature for Noah the lead actor/her friend on her current film. He is dying and could die in the middle of the shoot...where would that leave her. Probably out of a job. Victory is testing the romantic waters with her new contractor in front of Joe...wonder how jealousy will rare its ugly head. Stay tuned...

Hugs and besos.


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