Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Gap!

Hi Darlings:

I love it when we find out the shopping secrets of celebs either when they tell us in interviews or when it is a surprise. This time we find out via her bodyguard that Jennifer Aniston is into shopping at the Gap. We must send him a big "Thank you" shout out! Come to think of it her understated style seems like it could be off the rack except when she is on the red carpet. I can so see her getting her bathing suits from J. Crew, jeans in Nordstrom and of course corduroy jackets from the Gap. Even after these recent statement from Angelina Jolie her sense fashion has been constant and unchanging even when her taste in men and the rumors about her change with the season. I wonder if her sense of style will change soon too.

Hugs and besos

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