Friday, October 31, 2008

Lipstick Jungle - Season 2, Episode 5 recap

Hi Darlings:

Sorry for the delay in the write up of this week's Lipstick Jungle episode. Like the title, this week's plot line does not make much of any sense whatsoever. What does "The Lyin', the Bitch and the Wardrobe" mean anyway? I am still trying to figure out how it works with the plot besides the obvious association with The Chronicles of Narnia. The ladies were being honest with each other. Wendy told them that she almost flat out cheated on her husband. Kirby lied about getting money but it was not an act at this time that warranted landing in the title of the episode, although I think it will be in the future. No one had much of a wardrobe and the only one annoyed enough to be b!tchy aught to have been Joe who was stalked by Victory the entire episode however he mildly entertained her fears and in the end he was sweet about the whole situation and go figure.

In short, Victory spent the entire episode chasing an actual dream which literally and figuratively led her to Joe. She wanted to stop him from going on a mountain climbing trip that she felt would lead to his death or harm. Maybe her random dreamscape was the "Narnia" moment in the show. Random! What I want to know is where was Rodrigo? She did not think about him and we did not see him. Is he gone? I think she cares too much about Joe to let him wander too far out of her life.

Wendy is confused and I hope she gets it together soon. There is nothing wrong with the "vacation" that she is on right now. Maybe she should see her time at home and away from work as a moment to regroup, hang out with her kids and take some yoga classes. See how well Nico is doing and she has yoga but I guess she also has a job as well. Hmmm...

Nico and Kirby's relationship is not healthy spiritually for him. The pressure to go on high end ski trips to Aspen and eat at nice restaurants is causing him to have to find new ways to make more money. I mean he is a waiter dating a powerful magazine editor. Shockingly, he is transitioning from legitimate struggling photographer to paparazzi. Pride goes before the fall, but this is going to be exciting! I see this relationship going nowhere fast. Soon he will probably be selling pictures of her to fond one of their trips. Ah amore! Hmmm...I wonder if she will land in Griffin's arms when they break up?

As for fashion, the only item of clothing that raised my eyebrows was Victory's trench dress with over sized red belt in the final scene. If the stores were still open, I would've ran out and purchased one before even writing this post. But alas, they are closed. So my trench dress will have to wait for the perfect mate. The cocktail rings also did the talking in this Lipstick Jungle episode and made the biggest fashion splash. They were simply divine!

Hugs and besos

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