Monday, November 16, 2009

Fabulous Fragrances in DC

Hi All:

I would like to introduce you to Henrieta Dzurikaninova a local Washingtonian who has just started her own line of fragrances Fabulous Incorporated.


1.) Why fragrances? Many women like fragrances but few think of making their own. Have you always liked perfumes and scents?
I always loved fragrances and cosmetics, in general since very young age. My father always laughs at me that I loved to be pampered since the day I was born. [For many years], I have been thinking about launching my own perfume line, so it was just a dream [for many years].
2.) How did the concept for the fragrance come about?
Beginning last June, I was working as a stylist on a movie and I visited Bloomingdale's in New York. As I was walking around I got lost and I ended up in the fragrance section, and I was asked by a woman if I would like to create my perfume. I looked at her so surprised, like she can read my mind. I said yes [I would], but I have to study first and I'm planning to go to France to take classes. She said I don't need any of that and asked me what I liked. Without thinking, I mentioned flowers [because] I love the smell. They blended what I told them and went bananas... Saying things like OMG this is so wonderful, sexy and different, we never smelled anything like that...I watched them to make [the scent]. I came home and started to do the research. Finally, after 2 months I decided to order oils and bottles.
One morning after really hard day at work I woke up with this crazy energy that I have to mix a perfume. I started to mix, I came out with packaging and by the evening I had three perfumes!
3.) How long does it typically take to make one scent? Where do you make them?
Every perfume I mix myself at home, I write the name on it by hand and I tie the bow myself. It's very personal and every bottle gets my attention and is handmade by me. All three perfumes are 100% Pure Oils, no alcohol or dilutants are added. Bottles don't have pump, so they are environmentally friendly. They are 1 oz for $50.
Fabulous Inc. has notes of Jasmine ( girl in leopard outfit )
Fabulous by Henrieta notes of Orange blossom ( girl in red dress )
Fabulous Her notes of Orchid ( girl sitting on a sofa )
4.) Why did you want to have a fragrance and is this the start of a line of cosmetics?
I don't know if it's the start of cosmetics, but I definitely have 2 other fragrances brewing...
5.) Where are the perfumes sold?
So far [they are] been sold at Sangaree Boutique (Georgetown); Green and Blue Boutique(Dupont Circle) and I am working on other accounts.
6.) Do you have a website?
Also I am working on Face book page and it's going to be on my website

Friday, November 06, 2009

Diva Bugs Talks Shopping With Kristi Yamaguchi

Hi Darlings:

Here is the second part of the interview with Kristi Yamaguchi where we delve a little more on her thoughts about fashion. The first part of the interview was on her partnership with the American Lung Association for the Faces of Influenza project. We've often wondered about the role fashion plays in her life and now we know.

1.) How did it feel to go from figure skating to Dancing with the Stars? Was the decision based on the ability to add more accessories to your stage wear? :)

I do have to say I love crystals and sparkly costumes, although learning how to dance was my biggest draw to the show. You would think that as a figure skater I would have had it easier learning the dance moves, but it’s totally different movement in the legs. I was on Advil the entire time! But it was great learning to dance, and my partner Mark Ballas was amazing.

2.) What was your favorite DWTS costume? How did it look? Why did you like it?

It’s so hard to pick my favorite with all the great costumes there were! But I loved the first outfit I danced in – the dress was gold and covered in crystals, and I had on opera length gloves. I felt very elegant.

3.) What is your favorite online or “brick and mortar” store?
Nordstrom is great – especially because they carry shoes in a size five! Nordstrom’s and are the only places I can find shoes that fit me.

4.) Is there a favorite item of clothing or accessory that you could wear every day or with anything? Why? How long have you owned it?

I gravitate toward cashmere sweaters, especially in the winter. They’re comfortable but still make an outfit look put together. I have had my favorite sweater for over 10 years. They never go out of style.

5.) How has your fashion changed with becoming a mom?
I look for things that are machine-washable and require very little ironing! But I do like to keep up with the trends.

6.) What is a typical day like for you?
I don’t think there is a typical day. But when I’m home, my focus is on being a mom and spending time with my two daughters.

7.) Are you a jeans or khaki or slacks girl?
Definitely jeans – I have a pair for every occasion.

Thanks Kristi!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Diva Bugs Talks Shopping and Influenza with Kristi Yamaguchi (Part. 1)

Hi Darlings,

Kristi Yamaguchi has partnered with the American Lung Association for the Faces of Influenza project to bring more awareness to the regular flu and the need to make sure you and your loved ones get the flu shot.

Please take a moment to read about some great advice on why we should all get the flu shot and why Kristi is working with the American Lung Association to help spread the word.

Since Kristi is also last year's winner of Dancing With the Stars we would be remissed not to ask about her style secrets! I am sure like me you love the costumes on DWTS! Please come back by the end of the week to find out what Kristi has to say about fashion.

Hope you are all fabulous.

1.) What made you get involved with the Faces of Influenza project?

I‘ve been a strong proponent of getting a flu shot since my skating days. It helped me to stay healthy during competition, which ran right through the flu season.

I’ve been involved with the American Lung Association’s Faces of Influenza campaign for four years now. The program encourages Americans to see themselves and their loved ones among the many “faces” of influenza – people who fall into one or more groups recommended for annual vaccination by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

My doctor has always stressed the importance of annual flu vaccination to maintain my health, as an athlete. But now as a mother, I realize my whole family needs to be immunized, and that’s a responsibility that I take seriously.

Through this program, I’ve worked with families who have lost loved ones to the disease and its complications. As a mother, their stories really hit home and their tragic experiences are a reminder that seasonal influenza is serious. I’m proud to work with the American Lung Association to spread the word about the importance of annual vaccination. It’s a simple way to help protect your loved ones from the disease.

2.) Do you have any special tricks of avoiding the flu that you would like to share?

I do anything I can to help keep my daughters from getting sick, so I also make sure they are vaccinated against seasonal influenza every year. The CDC estimates that seasonal influenza alone causes 36,000 deaths and 200,000 hospitalizations every year, and vaccination is the best protection against the virus.

Actually, when my daughter Emma was born, my doctor gave me a flu vaccination before I left the hospital to help prevent spreading this serious disease to my newborn infant. Since then, I make sure we all get vaccinated every year. This includes my husband, my two daughters and even the grandparents in our family.

3.) As a kid skating did you ever worry about getting sick? Has the flu ever hindered your ability to compete?

My mother started taking me to get my flu shot when I was training for the Olympics. One of my friends got influenza and unfortunately wasn’t able to compete because of it. My mom wanted to do everything she could to help me stay healthy, especially as flu season runs right through skating season, and I’ve been getting my flu shot every year since. I haven’t had influenza since I was young and I credit that to getting vaccinated every year. As you can see, getting vaccinated is a bit of a family tradition now!

4.) I have asthma, like many Americans and I also have a fear about the flu shot and its side effects, like many people I know…how would you convince someone like me to get the flu shot this year?

Your decision to get the flu shot is one that should be made with your doctor. But because you have asthma, you are at risk for developing serious complications from influenza. Complications can worsen symptoms of asthma, like wheezing, and can make breathing even more difficult.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends people with asthma get vaccinated every year. In fact, according to the American Lung Association, if 100 percent of people with asthma received the influenza vaccine, up to 156,000 hospitalizations could be prevented each year.

There are more than 250 million Americans recommended for annual vaccination because they are in high-risk groups. I would recommend you visit the American Lung Association’s Faces of Influenza program Web site,, to learn about why vaccination is so important.

5.) Not related to your campaign, but how have you handled being a mother in the age of H1N1?

The best way to help avoid getting the flu is to get the flu shot! The recent outbreak of H1N1 is a strong reminder that influenza is a serious disease. As a mom, my family is my number one priority, and I just took my girls to get vaccinated against H1N1.


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