Monday, October 13, 2008

Last Cool Out ... The Search For Fun in DC

Hi Darlings:

Background: I had brunch with my friend S the other day. Like me, she is a fashionista and always in the know about the goings on in the city - well at least the events that interest us. However, during our fascinating discussion she still asked that pesky little question "Where do people go to hang out?" By that statement, I knew what she meant was - where can you go to hang out and meet like minded folks who are our age. (Aside: There is no way I am telling you guys how old I am.)

She is not the first friend to ask me this question. In the last few years, those of you who live in Washington, DC are probably amazed at the diversity of the social options currently available. There are many more lounges like Lima, Jin, Park, Zengo, and Station 9 to name a few. Each location has a different "scene" and in some cases a different clientele for each night. In hindsight, the benefit of in the past only having two or more really fun hang-outs was that you always knew what to expect and never had to worry about being surrounded by a fabulous crowd whenever you chose to go out. A purrfect situation for a single diva!

Now with so many more options, everyone complains because it is a little harder to figure out the right night to party or chill with friends at any location. For example, some friends and I randomly went to Andalu a few months ago and had a blast. A week a later we stopped by on the same night - empty. Random!

Reason: I am writing about hanging out woes in DC because of 1.) the confusion of where to go and also because 2.) a great summer party came to an end last night. Discussing these two situation ultimately leads to my philosophy on finding fun in the city. Okay so we already discussed the confusion (i.e. part I). Now, lets focus on the great summer party.

I think the key to finding fun in DC is being flexible, not getting tied to one place, and trying new avenues and events.

Take the following event for example. The Beacon Street hotel has been holding a Sunday "Cool Out" party every Sunday this summer. It's a function that has an artsy feel. Imagine a penthouse suite of a hotel with an open patio, a room with couches looking out on said patio, a mini fountain, a gazebo with a DJ spinning and a bar. Let's not leave out the beautiful people or more specifically the beautiful, artsy, fashion forward people with a departure from big box store wear and an independent expression of individual style. Inspiration. Mohawks. Funkiness. Loves it!

I was late in the know because like many people I ignored my emails. I would receive emails publicizing this function and not pay attention - I was not used to hanging out at the Beacon Street - until a friend or two clued me into this delightful event. For my part there were not many familiar faces but nonetheless it was a great event. I had tons of fun. The view was great! And for DC the people watching irreplicable!

From now on I am going to complain less and be more observant and open minded. The old same ole same ole way of finding fun is over.

Hugs and besos.

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