Friday, August 31, 2007

Ask Diva Bugs - Drink Options for the "Others"

Diva Darling DS asks: When I go out with friends I want to look sophisticated but find that hard to do while holding a plastic or regular water glass with soda and a big straw. What would you suggest I order to be able to seem more sophisticated?

Diva Bugs says: Hon, picture this moment: Its Saturday and I am hanging out with friends. My hair pulled back in a ponytail, long black dress with plunging neckline, cute gold sandals and a Diva Bugs purse! Divine. Ummm... I digress. We order drinks I choose a shirley temple - all are amused. No Cosmo, no french martini ... my usual favs. Just a reg'lar ole shirley temple. No frills, no lemon twist. Nothing special. Having a diva divine moment, I am like whatevs! I look great, feel great .... Diva!

Believe it or not there are not many sophisticated options for dry/sober/non-drinking divas to remain and look en vogue and not naive. Here is a list I was able to compile from informative webpages and some I have made up ... :)

Shirley Temple: ginger ale or Sprite, grenadine and lemon juice, topped with a maraschino cherry. Ask for a martini glass. Don't forget to smile while doing this....:)

Safe Sex on the Beach: cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, peach nectar

Daiquiris or Margaritas (say "hold the alcohol please"). Saying Virgin is so passe!

I have also found that a sophisticated woman knows exactly what she wants and is direct in asking for it. One tip to note: ginger ale or sprite work well to brighten up any drink as well as a little garnish on the glass.

So try this ... ummm... lets call it the Diva Twist: "Bartender can you make my favorite drink. I wish I could tell you the name but I always remember what's in it. Ummm... lets see. I think it has 1 part ginger ale or sprite, one part (grapefruit, cranberry, pineapple or orange juice) a splash of lemon juice and a lemon twist in a martini glass. Do you think you can make that?" Say it with confidence... Cheers!

If you order this let me


Thursday, August 30, 2007

2 days in Paris...not much but maybe


What do you do on a hot day especially when you have a bonding day planned with your younger sister? tick tock tick tock go to the movies. Afterall, its a cool hang out, inexpensive, relaxing and different. Like conscientious movie-goers, we saw the indie film "2 Days in Paris". Was I expecting more than the ordinary? Not really. Mind you ... I love indie films. 8 out of 10 times if I have a choice - hands down my first pick would be an indie film. It was an adequate choice on a hot day.

from. Yahoo movies
For me the choice of 2 Days versus lets say "The Nannie Diaries" (deep breath ... ok loved the book but really wanted to see the Paris movie) ok this time 2 Days won. Lets just say, this choice led to a wonderful afternoon treat. We both loved the story line and although I expected more pics of Paris - in anticipation of my trip ... yay- I was content with the plot they offered. The movie was unusual, fun, true and thought evoking while not being overly thought provoking. So we were able to discuss afterwards without our ice cream melting.

2 Days is a wonderful movie co-starring Adam Goldberg and Julie Delpy. Its an unconventional love story so they've skipped the boy meets girl plot line and instead infiltrated the plot line with real people and a real if not quirky story.

A boyfriend and girlfriend head to Venice but visit Paris during their trip because her parents are there, she is parisienne and it is just the proper thing to do. He is an architect and she a photographer. Her father is an artist obsessed with drawing male genitalia and owner of an art gallery, her mother overboding and a bit emotional, her sister a confused psychologist for troubled children who seems like she might need counseling herself - she dreams of hurting them.

In the process of visiting the family who know the intricacies of their love/sex life (ouch ... his girlfriend is very open - who can blame her her dad draws peepees) he deals with meeting all her ex-boyfriends who all conversate with her in French. He is not fluent and does not have any comprehension of what they are saying. So he is perplexed and confused as to whether she is having an affair with one of these guys and whether he really knows her at all.

He, I might add is an ok looking american prone to illness galore and she is imperfect and can't face the idea of commitment - real people. In the end they fight and decide to stay together BECAUSE with all their flaws they can't see being with anyone else. They have each found THAT PERSON with the type of flaws only they can stomach that have become their comfort zone...Je t'aime!



Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ask Diva Bugs: Italian Dilemma

Diva Darling ER asks: I have a great pair of Italian leather shoes that I have only been able to wear once. They are fabulous shoes but I am uncomfortable when I wear them to work so I want to sell them and was considering a consignment store. What' is the process for selling clothes/shoes at a consignment shop? What price can I expect for a pair of shoes that I only wore once? Can you recommend a consignment shop? Should i sell on ebay instead?

Diva Bugs says: ER what a fantastic dilemma!!! Too bad the shoes did not work out because they sound amazing....ummm you sure a shoe horn won't work out? I can always send you my address to hold them for you in the meantime...just a thought. :)

But just in case you still wanna go this route, the consignment store is an option if you want to make only half or less of what you know the shoes are worth. When you go to a consignment store they have to make a profit too so they may pay you 50% of the worth of the item . Afterall they need to make a profit too! The consigner may also give you a time limit that the item can sit on their shelf. Hopefully the sale can go through quickly. As for the price you should ask the consignment store or take a look online at Ebay or elsewhere to see what shoes similar to your brand and design are selling for.

Speaking of Ebay if you happen to have a digital camera, patience and an online account and you are set. On Ebay, you register, research, pick a price and keep majority of the profit sans shipping and 1.9-2.9% charge for using Paypal. Paypal gives an extra layer of protection in case the buyer flakes. You are responsible for describing the product but with these fabulous sounding shoes the picture should do the work for you. The biggest hassle would be mailing the item to the buyer and making sure you get paid but otherwise the entire process is simple.

But if you are looking for an easy sale without contracts and registration go to Craigslist or maybe even the classifieds of a small local paper (under a certain number of words they are usually free) Easy simple! You also need a digital camera for Craigslist but you can meet the person and accept cash.

Wonderful! Let me know how it works out.

Ciao bella,

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Purrrfect- Diva jeans!

Hey Divas:

Imagine my excitement when I found out that Old Navy is offering a selection a Diva jeans. Fun! I had purchased jeans from ON years ago and they are not that bad. Like any jeans though you will have to go try them out to see if they fit you in a comfortable way. I haven't seen or tried the lowrise jeans also divinely known as "Diva" jeans. Admittedly it concerns me that they are lowrise since in many ways the fashion scene is probably moving away from that trend but what is considered lowrise is measured differently in each store. And also what if they get stretchy after one wear?

What you don't want is to get a pair of jeans that either make you look too boyish or accentuates all that you find annoying about your figure.

The most important goal is to increase the number of diva divine days that you experience and the only way to ensure success is to make sure your self-confidence is intact and at its peak for more days than its not.

According to Greatest Look, women have 5 different shapes that affect their choice in jeans and how we look in certain cuts. These shapes are wide hips, boyish figure, short legs, big bottom and big belly. Hmmm....interesting names. First off lets change these borish names to "hippy divas", "compact divas", short divas, "bootylicious babes", "Shapely divas". My take on jeans is first find a pair in any style that fits you well and if you are comfortable with your choice don't worry about being too hippy or bootylicious. Once you find a pair of jeans that work - compensate for any noticeable flaw with an appropriate top.

According to ,to make sure your potentially new pair of jeans are comfortable you should bend over, crouch and look at yourself from different angles in the mirror. Bring a pair of heels/shoes with you while trying on the jeans to get the full effect. Also, the crouch part should not hang down like a boy's...aaahem!

Remember: Jeans don't fit if you have to pull them up BUT if you really like a pair of jeans but they don't fit well on your hips you CAN ALWAYS have them taken in by a tailor.

Quick tips to remember. Find shopping options Budget Diva style from Marie Claire :
1.) Hippy divas: Boot cut and long. Preferably jeans that go half way down feet when wearing heels. By extending the legs they lenghten the hips and make them look slimmer. Or just go tight without pockets like Gabrielle Union below. Remember you can pull off any jeans look with the right top!
2.) Compact divas: Think boxy wide legged on the bottom and form fitted on top. Or skinny and tapered on the bottom so capelet or bell sleeves on top. I give you the two options despite what many experts say - because some women don't like their booty or lack there of to be on display. The idea for compact divas is to create the illusion of curves. (Jessica Alba pic below also go with short diva look)
3.) Short divas: Preferably jeans that go half way down feet when wearing heels. By extending the legs they lenghten the hips and make them look slimmer. Ummm ... see Jessica Alba again.

4.) Bootylicious babes: I like that Greatest look noted the pocket issue because sometimes a pocket can be the one item you just can't pinpoint that is off about an outfit. (A good friend and I were talking about that the other day) Longer pockets sound great with the same tips for the hippy divas. Boot cut and long. Preferably jeans that go half way down feet when wearing heels. By extending the legs they lenghten the hips and make them look slimmer.

5.) Shapely divas: For shapely divas you can either go with the high waisted trend that will or may not be around next year or you can stick with a regular fit jeans not low rise and opt for a forgiving top like the one being worn by Gabrielle Union in the picture on the right above or a tailored jacket that flares at the hem.

Happy shopping Divas! Don't forget to wearing like you own it!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Alero Musings - Where are the boys?


So this past weekend I can say one of the mysteries of living in DC has finally been resolved for me. This was occurred in the bar area at Aleros (13th and U). I am not saying that the mystery was finding Aleros because I discovered a few months ago - after boycotting it for many months because of yuck! calamari (who ruins calamari) - that it is actually a fun hang out! Great drinks! Mixed crowd! Happy hour special....wonderful wonderful check check. Good place to look at and even meet guys or just chill out with friends.

So what is this mystery you wonder. It is the age old question "Where do people in DC hang out?"

How did I find out the answer or not? Scenario, BK and I are at the bar. Minding our own business. We had just left a cocktail party and since our taste for the nightlife had not yet been satiated we opted for a quick appetizer run to Aleros. Our expectations of an over the top fun night are low. We just want to chill and hang out. We are at the bar tables at Aleros which has an elegant, warm clean, modern look.
See below...

And soon enough this guy approaches.

Guy asks "Ladies can I buy you a drink?"
Ladies say "How nice of you we just ordered? But you are more than welcome to join us."
Guy reasons "Great! Your next drink is on me."

He grabs the closest chair and with his Corona in hand he proceeds to ask our names. We share names. Talk about where we are from and try not to discuss the "Two evil questions". Conversation is going well. And then Guy squints his brows, looks at us intently and belts out in a slow baritone with the intensity of someone with a huge weight to unload "Where do the women in DC hang out?"

I react with the drop of my jaw. Alternating emotions confused/perplexed, excited/dazed, dumbfounded/amazed. I look past the fact and reality that we are after all two women hanging out - right in front of him - and ponder the reality that MEN ask this question too! Its not just me and my friends.... wow! The little things - it takes but a little to amuse me. :)

We start to discuss this issue in further detail. He reports that after socializing in DC for sometime now, he is amazed that where ever he goes he can never seem to find "that spot" where everyone else is. I am thinking by everyone he means "professional women". He says he gets out around 7 or 8-ish. So, now I am theorizing that since he lives out in Maryland he probably does not get in to DC until about 8 pm on a regular basis.

Well during previous discussions with friends we've theorized that professional women like us hangout at happy hours from about 5-8pm. We leave at 8pm because the crowd changes - it becomes more night life and skimpy outfits and less - lets have a great conversation and a drink (alcoholic or not). The professional men go home, change and come out after 8pm. By then they miss out because the women they are looking for have left and they are stuck with the women who come out to party. Ummm....nothing wrong with that. We hang out and there are barely any men.

The same occurrence event after event. So, either we have to hang out later or they need to come out earlier. What a quagmire!? But this is only a theory and not a proven fact - well only in my mind.

Hopefully something will change soon. But on the up side Guy seemed really cool so maybe he will talk to his friends and get the ball rolling...:) I will do my part!

Divas go out and live life.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Great DC Find - Russia house

Hi Diva Socialistas:

Long week over! You made it through Monday's slow pace, Wednesday's promise that the end is near and now the reward Friday Happy Hour!

So, get your gals and guys together and definitely head over to the Russia House!

A friend and I went there recently and had a great time. I wanted to keep the spot a secret but you know I always try to look out for you.

Here is the scene as per usual...

I show up at the Russia House with a friend because we were curious. It has ornate heavy reach decor and furniture. Chic and old world Russian. The menu is not your usual DC fare. It was made up of meat and potatoes Russian style. About 50 different vodkas, great selection of Russian wines ($7.27 and $8.18) that are absolutely yums and Russian bears! I just loved the scene and the ambience. The prices are also right for the budget fashionista!

Lovelies have fun this weekend.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ask Diva Bugs: Bold Rings for Under $50

Diva Darling BG asks: I see women wearing cocktail rings all the time. I used to like smaller rings and gems but now I want to buy a few cocktail rings that are inexpensive. Do you have any suggestions that are not pricey but stylish?

Diva Bugs Says: Hon I can only think of one place that has what you need for the price you seek...Overstock! Cocktail rings are the most divine accessory! They accentuate any outfit and add that extra sparkle. Even a plain white shirt and jeans are upgraded with a nice cocktail ring. In my humble opinion bigger rings look classier on the hands than smaller ones. When choosing a ring go with a thickness of 1/2 an inch or bigger band. A thinner band can work but only if the stone, gem or designed piece on top is about a inch or the size of your second and third knuckles. The bolder the color or more unique the design the better. You want a show piece! Something that will standout and MAKE any outfit. Easiest way to show off your ring is if you are wearing neutral colors or designs so the ring can be on display. Designs like the Pucci prints, for example are not always the best for rings, however since those designs are so bold a ring and a stud or hoop pair of earrings (think minimal jewelry) are probably the best balance combination for this vivacious fabric. But psychedelic prints often work with even more psychedelic rings. Overall always do you!
Sterling Silver Onyx ring - Over stock $26.99

Silver Peridot ring - $44.99
Marcasite Fashion Ring - $21.99 Happy shopping loves!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Style Tomes - Tim Gunn, Emily Neill and Kathryn Finney

Hi Fashionistas:

Ever want a great read for a fashionable friend or a just a great read for yourself? Well, check out this (been out for a few months) BUT still great offering by Tim Gunn...

Also, check out what Emily Neill has to say about dressing for your shape.

Read more about it!

Our motto and mantra! This book speaks to what we are about!

Beautiful people it is already Wednesday! The week is almost over.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ask Diva Bugs - Summer Wear in the Fall

Diva Darling KB Asks: Like many women I am on a budget. So, I don't always buy the new clothes right as or before the Fall season starts. I tend to pair my Summer clothes with boots or sweaters. I am just worried that my summer dresses are too thin and I will stand out as being out of style. What are some tips do you have for wearing Summer clothes in the Fall?

Diva Bugs Says: Hi KB - I have this problem every year! I am more of a sales girl myself so buying at retail is not always appealing. The Summer sales are in August and you are tempted to buying new clothing for less but Fall is around the corner and the prices on Fall clothes won't be on sale for awhile. The 2007 Summer trends definitely offer many options for Fall transitional wear. You have cropped jackets, baby doll dresses, jeans and t-shirts. The shorts trend might not work with Fall but if they are loose enough they can work with leggings.

Your key to surviving Fall with your Summer clothes is an investment in leggings, a good sweater and a fantastic lightweight coat.

The first plan of attack for you should be taking stock of what you already have in your closet. Jeans are perfect for any season. Check to see if you have leggings. If you don't Target has them for about $12. Leggings are the perfect item to transition Summer wear into the Fall wear. They go well with baby doll dresses, shorts, skirts and even jeans when it gets real cold.

Make sure you have a darling light weight jacket and great sweaters. If not, you can purchase the trenchcoat below from Old Navy for $39.50. Sweaters or the cropped jackets as well as the leggings warm up the baby doll and other dresses that were around this Summer.

A trenchcoat would go perfectly with the outfit below. Add a sweater, light (or Diva Bugs Scarf) or the trenchcoat and you are good to go!

Other simple changes allow you to use what you have in your closet and get more wear out of a great piece. The shirt below can be worn with longer pants. The same tactic would work if it were a baby doll dress.

Overall, Diva you may already have in your closet what you need to make your Summer clothes Fall safe! And if you must make a tiny investment of about $52 on a new lightweight coat and leggings if you need them. They will add the extra warmth and pinnache that will enable you to wear your clothes longer.

But for now lets enjoy the rest of Summer!


Monday, August 20, 2007

Celebs Fashion a No Go

They are famous. They already look fantabulous in other people's clothing. They have great skin, great bods and great hair. They are in many cases independently wealthy. They are the fashion muse for so many.

So why would they alter there images by starting their own clothing lines. Do we really need to know what their stylistic tastes and musings are beyond the realm of their personal stylists. Why ruin a good thing?

I am not even sure it is a good business choice for some celebs to even branch out because sometimes the image you get of them from their clothing lines can sometimes tarnish their images. They only business ventures that seems truly guaranteed for some are in the area of scents and perfumes as in the case of Jennifer Lopez's sales record breaking "Glow", "Miami Glow", "Love at First Glow", "Glow After Dark" and "Desire" - 2007; P. Diddy-Puffy-whomevers "Unforgiveable", Sarah Jessica Parker's "Beauty"; and even Britney Spears (who although no one things she smells great right now) is still doing well with "Curious", "Fantasy" and other perfumes.

The image does not always match the true inner clothing style for some. Take for example the J. Lo line by Jennifer Lopez....When her clothes were first placed on the shelf at the Herald Square Macy's in NYC - I had to go take a look. I was flabberghasted that the clothes were so cheaply made - cheap fabrics - quickly sewn together. I thought they would fall apart in my hands. Shock and Awe! I was not a fan. So I kept on browsing in other parts of the store...trying hard not to be seen as someone who would by tight pastel sweats with laces. Ummmm.... protecting my image! Her Sweetface line debuted at Olympus Fashion Week in NYC in February 2005. This Fall she is supposedly retiring the J Lo line (le sigh) and introducing a new junior's line called Justsweet. Hopefully, this new line will be infused with some of the class and style she represents as an entertainer...well I guess as much class as a clothing line for teenagers can have.

Eve launched her Fetish line in Fall 2003 and since then we have not heard a peep about the clothes. I remember just seen a few t-shirts and denim wear on the website. As of the posting of this blog the website does not seem to still be up and running. She does not even wear her clothes...favoring instead higher end retail like the Tom Fords etc.

Jaime Pressly wanted to bite the designer bug in the butt (giggles) by starting her own line of clothing. The blog A Socialite's Life describes the line as Ho-Riffic! We need not say more...

Jessica Simpson was forced via negative publicity to wear her own accessories. The designs are cute but they are not high end. But in her case the two may actually go together ... however I've seen her shoes on Zappos and they are not that bad.

Zoey Saldana has started Arasmaci. She sells Dominican inspired t-shirts. Don't see her wearing these! And she is not even wearing them on the website! The jewelry line has promise...

Mandy Moore - Mblem is supposed to be in the following stores -Lisa Kline ; Raw Clothing; Shop LA Style. Her clothing can no longer be found on the web. However, the pictures posted on the main page - more than likely showing clothes to be debuted in the Fall seem fantabulous. I can't wait to see what she does with her clothing.

Fashion works for few and not for most. There is a reason why we have stylists, artists, singers, actors and designers. Sometimes the proverbial box is there for a reason....

Have a divine week Divas!


Friday, August 17, 2007

Olia Designs

Hi Fashionistas:

My friend Olia Toporovsky has the cutest jewelry line Olia Designs in NY. Her jewelry line is simple and chic. Her mission jewelry with divine chi - to help you build your energy not interfere with it. And they are well made and gorgeous.

For those on a budget these Chalcedony Athena Earrings ($60) will not break the piggy bank so keep the change in the couch where it is!

Check out her blog to find out more about her designs!

Happy shopping!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Better View b4 You Fly

Hey Divas:

Just in case you are planning a trip abroad in the future...

Check out this neat new website where you pick a hotel and get a virtual tour of the hotel and the locale outside as well as the interior and rooms. This has been sooo helpful as I plan my trip this Fall to Paris.

Ciao and bon voyage to me and You darlings!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Urban Outfitters Goodies Galore!

Hey Divas:

Happy hump day!!! Who would've thunk it. I found these fantabulous purses at Urban Outfitters that won't break the bank. Something we all love! As well as that extra hip bump to get us through the rest of the week.

Canvas Doctor bag - $34.99

Red Patent Leather Grommet - $48

Iris Python Bag - $48

Burlap Doctor bag - $24

Happy Shopping loves!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ask Diva Bugs

Diva Darling TR Asks: I know the summer is almost over but since its been so hot I've been tempted to wear tank tops to work. I work at an office and we are business casual on Fridays. Are there tank tops that are appropriate for work?

Diva Bugs says: Hey Lovely as with anything at work you should definitely follow the culture at your job. If everyone else is more business like on casual days then that should be the trend you should follow. Sleeveless especially a tank top is not usually the way to go however you can try this Lyocell Ruched Crossover top from Ann Taylor is an example of design that's cool yet professional enough so you will be comfortable but won't stand out.

Just $38.

Good luck shopping hon!


Sample Sale - Run Not Walk!

Diva Darlings:

It's that time of the year again! The Fall District Sample Sale event. You must go! Even if you have to not do lunch or brunch for the next month to pay for the goodies that will be on sale.

Its a must attend. Try visit your fav stores from those listed so you know ahead of time what goodies to expect. In the end, you benefit from the great deals and you help a worthy cause Miriam's House a shelter and center that benefits women with HIV.
Happy shopping Divas!


Monday, August 13, 2007

Keys on Lock

Hey Diva darlings:

So I decided to hang out with my co-workers on Thursday. What was supposed to just be happy hour at Joe Theismans in Alexandria, VA went on to be dinner at a local pub on Kings St. The good times kept going on and on. Fun times.....

At dinner we met an amazing woman - Sandy - with a diva-fide product. She started speaking with us more once she found out that we knew a thing or two about patents. Amazingly she has invented a great product called the Finders Key Purse. You clip your key onto a hook that you hang over the side of your purse. That way you don't have to search your purse for the keys you just pull up the custom made hook and wallah...keys are found.

This unique design is pure diva because they are decorated with either purses, red lips, high heels, matini glasses or butterfly. How divine!
Sandy proclaims that to date she has sold 3 million key holders!!! Amazing. That day she had just finalized a deal with QVC.

I have the pink purse finders key (only $7) and I am absolutely loving it!!!

Happy shopping diva darlings!


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Celebrity Divas on the Go!

Hi Divas,

Here are some diva divine celeb looks.

Natural beauty Zoe Saldana at the 2007 HFPA Installation Luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday. Love the vintage look of her dress - simple elegant. The peek-a-bo hemline is definitely in and a nice touch that will definitely be a new fashion trend.

Photos from

Nicole Richie looking healthier and preggers! Wonderful...

I find Katie Holmes new transformation absolute divine. Her look is effortless. Her new hair cut was definitely a fantabulous choice that transformed the girl next door to chic young momma. Simple, upscale chic ....

Photo from

Diva Darlings - Its Sunday so .... do you!


New phrase - Diva Divine

Hi Divas:

I just wanted to introduce you to a phrase that I've used for about 8 years now - Diva Divine . Diva divine can be used to describe any moment where you feel your effortless best! The outfit is working it, make-up radiant, body ... purrrrrfect!

Scenario: Its Saturday. You wake up late but just in time for brunch with friends. Your usual routine. You wash up, throw on some jeans or leggings and a shirt of t-shirt. Sandals are close by so you grab them. You don't want to be the late diva all the time! Gotta make this a quick change. Sunglasses near purse. Perfect. You look in the mirror! Was there anything you did differently? ... not really. But, you look and feel divine. You my dear fashionista are having a diva divine moment!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blue Fly Tops and Tees Sale - Today Only!

Hey Divas:

Its never too late to buy last minute summer wear especially when its on sale! Check out Bluefly for these great under $30 options....

Divas that are not hippy will like this Rebecca Beeson top (Sale - $26.99):

Divas that are hippy will total gasp at this BCBG girl top (Sale - $24.29):

For Divas with bountiful tops .... here you go .. try this Yuka khaki banded halter (Sale - $26.99): hmmmm... I might just get it for myself!

Just looking out for you .... :)

Happy Saturday!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Weekend lips - kissable and affordable and planet friendly

Hey Divas:

Ever want to support a cause and look fanatabulous in the process?! Ooops! Of course, I should not even question - Divas always want to look fantabulous!

Sephora - Cargo's PlantLove Botanical lipstick

Why: made of corn and not petroleum by-products so you can lick your lips and save the planet! How much: $20

Kiehls lip gloss

Why: containers not biodegradable - but they've been on a natural role for the past 150 years.How much: $13.50

Carol's Daughter New Candy Paing Lip Gloss

Why: For just 4 great reasons - shea butter, grape seed oil, aloe vera and vitamin E.
How much: $13.50

Aveda Lip color concentrate

Why: Containers are glass and you can recycle via one of their brick and mortar locations. Green is their mission.
How much:$14.00

For the a more ambitious Divas - you can always DIY...

Hugs Divas! Have a super fabulous weekend! Don't forget to look your best....
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