Saturday, April 28, 2007

The dress for every size

Hi Divas,

I recently went shopping with one of my clients. She wanted to update her look with professional clothing for her size 16/18 figure. She spent a lot of time and effort trying to hide her legs and was convince that skirts and dresses were not her thing. After meeting her I noticed that she had a great hour glass figure. The well proportioned shape that other women are either born with or pay lotsa money to get.

So, I brought her a few lined slacks but also slipped in a skirt suit from the Semantiks line at Nordstrom, a few faux wrap shirts and a black faux wrap black eyelet inspired Calvin Klein a-line dress. When she tried on the dress it was like her inner Diva emerged. We just could not stop looking at her image in the mirror. The wrapped top of the dress hugged the curve of her breast but did not make them seem flat or too much and coupled with the a-line skirt you were able to see her waistline and the curves of her hips. By the time we tried the suit it was a done deal. There was no more convincing her that she should be wearing more skirts and dresses. She was excited and so was I with her new purchases - especially the compliments she has received so far.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not an Attractive Accessory

So, I finally met the angry looking guy at work and he is not that bad of a person. I first noticed him my very first week at work in January - but he was that dark type of character with the "I don't do babies" look or the "Don't even think about talking to me I bite" or better yet just the "I bite! for the sake of the biting" look. Creepy... So, since bites aren't a very good look on me I just stayed away.

It just so happened that today I had to eat a late lunch and who should happen to be in the kitchen at work but HIM! Yikes! Instead of focusing on the cracks in the vinyl floortiles I dared to look up. And he was staring at me with a box of Tort notes!

So, I say "hmmmm... you're in law school? How is that working out with a full-time job?"

He responds, "I am just tired and juggling life. My list of things to do keeps piling up everyday and I can't seem to get rid of it."

Always with a helpful tip I told him, "I guess you will be taking time off from work soon." (insert shining light on my toothy grin)

He grimmaces "I have taken time off but my list still grows each day. I just gotta do what I gotta do."

So we chewed the lettuce (don't do fat) for a bit talking about my workplace experience and I said good bye.

I feel sorry for him but the one lesson I have learned in the past week is an overscheduled life is not an attractive accessory.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mainstream wear ... but not really

Check out Unsung Designers. We have to support independent designers doing their thing... ahem.

If you are looking for a few options that no one else might have ... check out these pieces from the Gina Michele line which I love ...

And the Onion line...

And this dress by Lisa Rietz

Toothy necklace...

Hey Divas:

I saw these recent pictures of Amerie...Diva indeed! Can't wait for her next CD ... but I digress.

I loved her overall Diva look I couldn't help but "there's just one thing that's got me tripping...." I notice that she is wearing the latest in-vogue accessory ... the shark tooth pendant. Although this trend was started by Victoria Beckham about a year ago it is really catching on and going mainstream.

You can also find the pendant at Amazon or American Eagle (budget version).

And while we are at it the Diva dress is a Diane Von Furstenburg Samara wrap dress ($425) similar as in almost exact replica from Jones NY .($135) ... yikes!

Diva's get out there and shop ... great weather this weekend...when you are looking you never know what you can find. Happy Shopping! ;)


Milla J Clothing line

Hey Divas:

You might remember Milla Jovovich from Fifth Element or even the Seventeen magazine covers of the 90's well she has a new clothing line.

I think the verdict is still out on whether I like the clothes. Here are a few of the pieces from the Spring 2007 line.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Not Diva...

You know an outfit is NOT Diva when ...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Wide legged pants - Not the 70's version

Hey Divas:

Another yuck day! More and more I am asking myself when is ummm Spring... nah forget that ... when is Summer getting here! This is ridiculous. So, as you can imagine I did not go to NY today, instead I am at the "new" Dunkin Donuts on Capitol Hill trying to get some work done. No Internet at home...

A few of you purchased the wallet from Filene's - I am glad to hear your are enjoying your new buy... fun.

Well I think wide legged pants might be making a slow come back.

Check out this $200+ beauty from GoldSign - found on

Banana also has a similar pair for $88. Chic all the same but not as tight on the hips.

And just in case you are wondering what to wear with your new pants - I would go for a form fitted J-Crew v-neck sweater or even this Ya-Ya top ($41.40) found on Bluefly with the GoldSign. I am also definitely loving the bubble shirt look with the Banana pants - here is another version - ($37.80 - Bluefly).

And you can also Diva-fy the look with gold bangles!
*Don't forget to keep the students at Virginia Tech and their families in your thoughts.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yellow - the New Red

Hey Diva Socialistas:

What a nasty day in DC! One word = yuck! So much rain that I am going to have to cancel my trip to NY tomorrow because of this crazy weather. But even with the weather I am in a great mood because I HAVE MY HAIR MOJO BACK! Something has been missing for the past two months or so and I finally figured it out - without my bangs I am not the same Diva. So my stylist Alex snipped them back today and I feel fly inside and out once again!

Okay on with today's mission. I saw this outfit and realized right away that like my missing my bangs it was missing something important ... the color yellow.


Yellow anywhere would have updated this simple chic look - minus the red shoes of course ;).

Yellow emerged on the scene in a big way at the Oscars in 2005 but it was Renee Zellweger with her yellow Carolina Herrera dress and Nicole Richie with her Marc Jacobs bag that the color yellow as finally put on the map.

This is quite interesting because yellow has always been "the" color that no one wanted to touch but about a year after seeing Nicole tout her yellow purse all over LA everyone wants a yellow bag or yellow sweater. So right now, especially with bright primary colors back in vogue yellow should be in vogue for awhile. At least until summer 2006 since the Fall 2007 ready-to-wear shows were all really dark but for the Christian Dior and other collections.

Want to add some yellow to your wardrobe - look at this dress by Susana Monaco and more at Shop bop

These shoes from Miss Sixty like this Agnes it!

Happy shopping Divas! Make sure you pair your yellow with a contrasting colored outfit or accessory. All yellow is never a combo for any diva.

Get Your Sticky Buns to 14th St., NW

Hi Divas:

I know its early Saturday and you will never guess where I am ... wrong not in bed watching the MTV Real World marathon! Too much to do ... too little time. I am at the Sticky Fingers Bakery! Yummmm!

Sera and Mickey are enjoying their pastries too!

So like I love going to coffee shops because somehow home, bed, food and Internet are not conducive to getting any type of anything done! I wanted to head over to 14th St., NW DC around the Tivoli square area because frankly I needed to stop, yes I said stop going to U St., NW! I needed a life outside the U - ummm but not a life outside of Pink November. I like have all the menus memorized ...

There is so much NEW going on in the 14th St. area.

Mayorga coffee and lounge - no more trekking to Silver Spring

Rumberos (think Rumba Cafe - Adams Morgan)

Target and Marshalls - Coming soon....

Check it out .... another great DC find.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hat musings ...

So Diva-socialistas:
I am seeing this hat more and more lately. The trend started with Taye Diggs and now everyone is making it their signature look. Its sort of the accessories for those who won't admit that they are buying into the new hobo trend. Who else will be throwing their hat in the rink...

Spring is here! Yay for dresses

Gotta go shopping....

I know the trendy colors for the season are primary colors and silver and gold but who can resist these beauties from Mary L couture and Muse ... ?

Hopefully just a fad ...

I sure hope these new shoes are out of style by the end of summer. They look painful and don't seem to flatter any part of the body especially the legs. I get bunions looking at them.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In/Not In

In: Tastefully done contrasting colors are always in vogue. Take a look at SJP's metallic blue jacket over her gray dress at the Lincoln Center Gala tribute to Diane Keaton recently. Her colors are refreshing and crisp - definitely not overdone.

Not In: Loosing too much weight is never an attractive way to go. Check out Jenna Jamison at her recent birthday party. She obviously needs to have her cake and eat it too.


Monday, April 09, 2007

Must Have Wallet

Okay Diva Socialistas:

So I've been eyeing the Nordstrom "Lodis" wallet for months now. With names like "Diva", "Crash Diva" and "Primadonna" it should have been but a match made in heaven ...

Lodis - Primadonna and Herringbone Clutches

no matter how much I salivate over this eye catching must have I can't bring myself to buy a wallet for over $100 even if it's simply darling and like stands out and can double as a mini-clutch when out on the town for the night....

But for budget divas like myself the alternative is always right around the corner. Nine West has the same design for $59.
The patent leather "miniaudier" comes in white and red. It is cute and just as chic and guess what - same purse in Filene's for $12.99 in black and red patent leather.

Loves it...

You don't have to break your wallet to look diva.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

(Fill in the Blank) Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model is no longer an American phenom. Britain, Nigeria and China now boast similar competitions. Interesting ... which countries will be next?

From:, China Top Model

Nigeria Next Top Model

Gap - What Is Going On?

I have had a love hate relationship with the gap but like an argument with one of my sisters I will be mad but I will still support them.

I don’t understand the new designer inspired shirts and the $100+ purses!

From: New York Times

What about these shirts say young, fashionable and relaxed chic! Oversized shirts with bows, designed by Doo-Ri Chung, Thakoon Panichgul and Kate and Laura Mulleavy are too outdated ... even my mom gave up the oversized bows in the 80's.

I love my Gap boot cut jeans. I live in them. More than likely if you see me I am in jeans – which can be good or bad for a designer/professional shopper/style consultant..... ummmm yes. I do stray sometimes and purchase other brands. I won’t lie. I love having colorful embroidered thread on my behind. But I will always go back to Gap. I didn’t even mind that they are zippered fronts and not button down – which are always sexier.

In the past, I have ventured beyond jeans and purchased other gap offerings. I’ve tried the fragrances, the tops, dresses, khakis, socks even Gap shoes.

To date, beyond the boot cut jeans, I only like the dresses, khakis and find the thong sandals durable and versatile.


I used to have a pair of Gap leather tongs for years and I can say those sandals were my favs for about 5 years. I am still recovering from their demise.

Gap seems to be all over the place these days. The Gap shoe site - Piperlime shoes is a refreshing take the online shoe mall concept similar to but without all the clutter. Prices range from $50 to $600. For some reason you don’t hear a lot about this site not surprisingly since its more higher-end that the typical Gap offerings and can be confusing for buyers who expect to spend in the range of $100 or less.

It is just confusing to me why a brand such as Banana Republic - same parent company as Gap - was able to make the transition from Eddie Baueresque – t-shirt staple store to professional, business casual and trendy and still stay relevant. No one currently expects to find t-shirts and jeans in Banana. Why is it so hard for Gap to either make the transition or better yet choose to accept its identity as what it is and work on making the best of its core offerings.

A friend once told me that jeans and khakis get old so companies like Gap have to look elsewhere. I beg to differ. If that was the case Naomi would not be fighting over her Chip and Pepper jeans. Rock and Republic, Apple bottoms and even House of Dereon would not find success in their denim lines. And there would not be a Jeans Boutique (B Scene) in the Washington, DC metro area.

Why can’t the gap realize that their expertise lie in the quality of their jeans and capitalize on this good will. Its so obvious to me. Upgrade what you are good at instead of spreading yourself thin trying to enter other markets. Instead of having celebrities advertise online have them add personal touches to the denim design. Look at H&M.
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