Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year!

Hi Darlings:

Happy Leap Year! Why wait for your man to propose? Today is the official day for women to propose...don't be shy! Think of it this way, if he says no then you don't have to face this day for another four years!

Hugs and besos

Cashmere Mafia recaps

Hi Darlings:

Many of you were inquiring why there was no recap this week! Well I am through with the show!!! Just joking ... The episode last week was the last one produced prior to the strike so hopefully there will be more soon. And when the new episode airs I will resume writing about the show.


DC Commissioner of Fashion Arts and Events

Hi Darlings:

Bill 17-0173 was recently signed by the Mayor Fenty on Feb. 22, 2008. This means that the Bill is half way through its journey to becoming law!Congressional Review is next. I am really excited about what this new Commissioner of Fashion Arts and Events will mean for the growth and acknowledgement of the Districts Fashion industry! Stay tuned for more information next week.

Happy leap day!

Hugs and besos

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lipstick Jungle ... Bonfire Magazine

As an update I heard from the folks at NBC (yup...I was shocked too!) today that there are exciting new occurrences in the world of Lipstick Jungle. Project Runway contestant Daniel Vosovic is now showing his latest work on, the virtual magazine that corresponds with Nico Reily's Bonfire Magazine from the show. His designs are on the cover.

Ok, so I knew there were a lot of behind the scenes development in regards to the show and the lipstick theme and makeovers but an e-magazine that is impressive and the next level of e-marketing.

Admittedly, I have stopped writing about Lipstick Jungle eventhough I still watch the show. Afterall, it comes on after Lost and I always need to gradually escape the intensity of the Lost plotline. I just don't like the cheesy plot line. Victory Ford meets a Billionaire who has tons of free time and sends a cupcake to her in Japan. Brooke Shield's character Wendy Healey is a high powered producer but yet she is married to a guy who lacks self-confidence and LOOKs like a homeless person and I think more can be done with Brooke Shields wardrobe and makeup. Go figure!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Want Thicker Eyebrows...

Hi Darlings:

So, I am at the hair salon reading a magazine. My fav activity while getting my hair did because there are just too many options to pass up. In the midst of getting my deep condition and browsing the Glamour March 2008 issue I stumble upon the headline "Fatten Up Brows". Hmmm...interesting. I always have to fill my brows in with my liner so alternatives that are more natural are always welcomed. The headline I read was for the Talika Eyebrow Extender from They advertise that the product "fills in sparse spots with tiny fibers."


AfterSounds like it is worth a try. ($35) Check it out. They also have products for the eyelashes...

Hugs and besos.

Stay tuned for posts on M,W,F from now on!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Divas In The News and More ... Oscars 2008

Hi Darlings:

How appropriate that we get to discuss the Oscars for this Monday's edition of Divas in the News and more... The Divas/Divos were really out last night and I must say as far as fashion goes it was a really tamed red carpet showing.

I figured I would just write my stream of thoughts (with edits) while watching the show. This is a long list and maybe my thoughts are random but it can be fun all the same.

Heidi Klum is in a fantastic red Galliano dress soon to be auctioned after the show for charity in support of the Red Dress Campaign for Heart Truth. (See My Coke Rewards for more info) Interesting coupling of fuschia jewelry and purse with the red dress. Unexpected and curious but a satisfying marriage of colors. Seal is wearing Dior and they both look so happy together as usual. My only question is who is the size zero wealthy diva that will purchase the dress? Its the gesture that counts.... :)

There is a report of rain in LA. How unfortunate... Hopefully the attendies are thinking ahead and wearing foul weather appropriate hairdos. Thankfully many got the rain is not good for the hair memo...too bad so sad for those who didn't.

Those who did:

Heidi Klum - of course.
Kimora Lee Simmons - Good idea to pin her hair up and wear sleeves so those of us on the East coast can actually be reminded that LA is not miraculously in the middle of summer. Can't find pic...
Anne Hatheway got the memo. But I will discuss her below wearing red.

Those who didn't:
Ellen Page
John Travolta's wife Kelly Preston
Cameron Diaz - well she never gets the hair memo. It used to be a cute part of her look denoting her carefree spirit but now its more along the lines of bed head or I just worked out hair you fill in the blank.
Jessica Alba - wow. She is wearing Marchesa like Anne Hathway but is not making the same impression. The feather details and royal purple are great but I think she needs to stop wearing braids at these events. Its not working.

I am already beginning to see a color trend - RED is the color of the evening. Could they have all been inpsired by the carpet. Or did Heidi K. send out a memo.

Lets tally the REDs:
Heidi Klum - we discussed above

Anne Hathaway is wearing a flowly grecian influenced red Marchesa gown with simple rosette details. Its simple elegance that perfectly compliments her porcelain skin and dark brown hair.

Patrick Dempsey's wife has on a beatiful red dress. But since the camera is so focused on him its hard to get a full view of what he is wearing.

Ruby Dee has on a lovely red suit. There she is in front of the camera for a split second and gone the next.

Miley Cyrus - actually looks the least punk kid we've ever seen her. Her dress age appropriate and her makeup simple and natural. Bravo to her for getting it right this time around.

Helen Mirren - beautiful and elegant in her one of a kind dress. Good way to evade a question on whether she is more popular than Queen Elizabeth.Katherine Heigl - same look different colored dress different event - Marilyn Monroe would've been proud. Why did she just ask Ryan if she had lipstick on her teeth weird. Too hyper!
Anne Jeffreys - Diva but love the lightning color.

These gowns we just liked because they were refreshing:

Felicity ahem Keri Russell - looks beautiful – nice nude colored dress; beautiful multi-layered necklace; husband Shane – slick back hair ... unique and unexpected.
Amy Adams – nice green – expected for red head; cute non-purse – gold mesh bag with nothing in it. Fashion statement or strange ... I guess she just had to have it.
Jennifer garner dress – nice black expected more color – but chic and clean; nice diamond and black look and her hair looks great!

Marion Cotillard – scale details – Gautiere dress; nice and different details than the other dresses; She is actually one of the more daring on a relatively tamed night for fashion.

Calista Flockhart – blue and gray – nice refreshing – love the up doo.
Hilary Swank - ambiguous about her but she looked nice.

Kristin Chenoweth - looks darling!

Penelope Cruz - Looks fantabulous. She must be proud of her man Javier Bardem for being nominated. (He won!!)
(pictures: Yahoo,, People)

Congrats to all who won!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Cashmere Mafia Recap "Dog Eat Dog"

Hi Darlings:

Sorry for the late recap. I literally fell asleep before the show started on Wednesday so decided to write the recap after watching the latest Episode this am.

Watching this episode I am reminded of “If A Man Answers” the Sandra Dee movie(circa 1962) where her mom teaches her that to catch and keep a man she has to literally treat him like a dog i.e. scratch his head, rub his ear when he comes home or feed him etc. However, this plan goes well until her to be husband finds out and turns the cards on her. Luckily for the ladies in Cashmere Mafia by the end of the episode they got the better of the men in their lives.

Mia is finally trying to be less self-centered. She is trying to adopt a stray dog found by her secretary and make things work with the brain surgeon who is always at work. No sense really remembering his name since he might be gone for good. He falls asleep trying to kiss … pathetic. How can a relationship based on booty calls be all call and no booty? Well I guess the last straw for her was when she lost Wiley the dog because she was determined to be inadequate. She was trying to tell him the story but he brushed off her concern and bond to the dog stating something to the extent of “this does not make sense you only had the dog for two or three days” … as if … after she had spent hours listening to him talk about random surgeries and diseases. It was then she had the epiphany that they had not chemistry. Buh-bye surgeon hello puppy! Hmmm…do we sense a change in Mia?

Last week left us with Zoe quitting her job when she was not offered the promotion! Hmmm … so I guess this week she is practicing her dog training skills by hanging up the phone or just not picking it up. She is definitely not the diva in the group…after all that is Mia’s role but even though she seems to be the homiest and grounded of the friend she is clearly the opposite. Time to go back to work Zoe! Maybe now that Juliet is playing with billionaires she can offer Zoe a job.

So why did I laugh when the billionaire trying to take over Juliet’s company says “Billionaire is not a character profile its just a word that is spoken with my name these days” …go figure! I cracked up over that one. Only a Billionaire would say that. I knew that once he realized Juliet would not be easy to control on the business front he would aim for her emotional sensibilities…and it almost worked. All he wants are her hotels…maybe. We’ll have to wait until the next episode… But in the meantime although she falls for the dates, brandy, expensive paintings and potential weekends in St. Barts even the customary confidential agreement …yes all in one episode she decides that he really might just be a wolf in sheep’s clothing as he is still buying her company piece by piece. Bad puppy...he bites and she bites back.

Caitlin has trouble biting at first in this episode but she manages to put on a great fashion show in the end. Her scenes are so random clearly she is the comedian in the bunch. So she works at a cosmetics company that is left out of fashion week. She does not find out until the last minute. What is a girl to do? So with Mia’s help she hires a fashion student and plans to showcase his fashion designs, as well as her company’s makeup. The catch: he has one week to finish a line of clothing. Realistic factor: ZERO. No wonder he has a nervous breakdown the day off. In the end the models wear makeup and body suits she wins.

And that’s all I have.
Ciao bellas.

Why Do Designers Put Their Logos on Bags?

Hi Darlings:

The answer to the question above is because fashion designs are not protected by IP law however logos are via Trademark law. Don't despair the idea or rather the fight for IP protection for Fashion Designs has been debated by many for a very long time. Finally, Congress is taking note.

So,while the Divas are strutting down the runways and other designers are taking their bows in Milan, Narciso Rodriguez was in Washington, DC this week to testify on behalf of the Council for Fashion Designers of America before the US House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary. HR 5055 is finally before the House the true question is whether or not it will be passed. If the law as narrowly tailored as it is becomes part of Copyright law fashion designers may finally have legal recourse.

Here are some other articles and testimonies on the issue.
Susan Scafidi statement
Poetic and chic
IP Law Observer

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Passion for Paper...

Hi Darlings:

I was recently reading an article about the importance of handwritten notes. The article mentions that we should still send letters via snail mail because there are just some things you can't say well over email like "I love you" or "Thank You" or "You looked lovely yesterday and I am glad you are doing better" or "You suck"(but in a nice way on yellow stationery).

(They are so diva divine even the Barefoot Contessa has her own stationery on Barnes and ... hmmm pastry and stationery...interesting)

To be honest when I get a paper invite for a friend's party or getogether I always cherish them. Paper invites always have that extra amount of class and sophistication which stands out among the electronic versions. And on the other hand, think of it this way - saying something not so nice on ivory notecard with a gold stamp will always soften the blow. For one they first admire the paper, so that shocks them from the start and two its like having a beautiful messenger.

Now I am really trying not to sound cheesy but I have to say that I try to keep extra stationery at my house some with my name imprinted, some embossed and others are just too cute not to buy. I buy them when I travel to add a unique touch. Admittedly I too have sent and still do send out electronic cards and invites. They make life so simple and are easier since we unfortunately rarely have the mailing addressing of our loved ones or acquaintances. But I enjoy going through my paper stock at the last minute on my way out to a birthday party because its convenient and great not to have to buy a card each time. I like knowing that I can write a friend a note on my personal paper and have them feel as special as I do when I receive the compliment in return. My only worry has been to make sure my penmanship is fluid and comprehensive. No fun if they can't read what you have to say...

Here are some of my favorite places to purchase stationery:

1.) The Met has the best cards. They are simple sophistication and can be used for any event. They are not just replications of various artworks but are the perfect sized notecars (at least the ones I like) with just enough room to say what you need to say and say it well. See the Pineapple correspondence cards below $22.95.

If you don't like these you can find many options at any museum. They tend to have more class than the usual options in local CVS store.

2.) American Stationery provides flexibility in design. You get the option of buying stationery for a specific event like St. Patrick's Day or paper with you initials or full name embossed. Great staples for any collection.

3.) Barnes and Noble - For unique cards you can always visit Barnes and Noble. I tend to go for the cards that are wrapped in plastic. Usually these cards have fabric designs, beads or dried flowers. They are unique enough to add that special touch especially when you don't plan on buying a gift and you usually get to say what you want in your own words.

Hugs and besos...happy writing!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thinking of Spring? Why Not Dress like the French...

Hi Darlings:

Stars and stripes don’t only conjure visions of the American flag but are also considered French clothing staples for example and provide classic Spring or Summer looks that never seem to go out of fashion. Imagine the navy and white striped shirt with white pants. The French would have paired this look with the quickly knotted polka dot scarf loosely worn around the neck. What about a white dress with the stripe shoe? So, how would you wear your stripes? We must all agree that Jackie O always looked casual and sophisticated every time we saw her at play or leisure in her striped shirts and white slacks.

Pondering this I recently gave myself the challenge of creating looks with stripes for Spring within a budget of $150…lets see how it went.

1.) Dress: Gap European Collection $59.50; Shoes: Zappos Fitzwell $69.95

2.) Shirt: Forever 21 (white) $4.80; Shoes: Bakers Shoes Tenley Flats $25.95; pants: J Crew City Fit Buttery Twill trousers (white) $69.50; Aldo Nonio necklace $25

3.) Shirt: Bebe Striped Tuxedo Shirt $69; Ann Taylor Striped Embroidered A-line skirt $49.99

Ok so for the last outfit I pushed it BUT feel free to pair the items with something in your closet! I just could not pass on the shirt...loves its!

Hugs and besos.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Divas in the News and more...

Hi Darlings:

Happy President's Day! I hope you are out and about enjoying the day but if not I hope your day at work is going well.

Nancy Reagan recently suffered a fall in her home and luckily she did not break her hip. (AP)

There is so much taking place at the London Fashion Week (NY Times)

Beyonce over the weekend with fabulous shoes...
Here she is with Gabrielle Union at the NBA All Star weekend event.

No suprise, celebs like Christina Aguilera and Sanaa Lathan both have vanity issues...Divas indeed. (Lossip and Bossip)

So, while Avril Lavigne gets comfortable baring a little bit more ... Lindasy Lohan leaves nothing to the imagination trying to recreate Marilyn Monroe's " The Last Sitting" photo shoot. (Egotastic and NYMag)

Rachel Bilson out and about ...

Hugs and besos...I need to get out too!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Ask Diva Bugs: Hairstylist Tipping Advice

Diva ER Asks:

What do I do about tipping at my hair salon? I went to the hair salon a few days ago and by the time I got to my hair stylist two different people worked on my hair. One shampooed me and the other set my hair. Now the service came up to $35. I usually just tip $5. I feel bad just giving each woman $1 and my stylist $3 but I don't think I should tip more. Also if I go to the salon every week do I still have to give her 20% each time?

Diva Bugs Says:

This is an age old question that comes up time and time again. I've even had a friend turn to me in shock when I tipped the owner of a salon who had just blown out my hair. She argued you never tip the person who owns the establishment. My motto has been to tip the person who works on your hair no matter. Well according to this Washingtonian article, I may have to rethink a few of these ideas. Who knew you did not have to tip the owner of the salon? Yikes. But darlings you still have to tip everyone 10% to %20 proportional to the service they provide. So, if its a $10 shampoo then $2 at least is required. In the end, I would say tip what you can. If you can only afford $5 one day and $3 the next don't worry about it especially if you visit your stylist every week. The percentages balance out and I would think the revenue from your visits is worth more to your stylist than an inadequate tip!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Cashmere Mafia Recap

Hi Darlings:

Happy Valentines day!!!

"Yours, mine and hers" indeed the title of this weeks CM is so appropos! Everyone is fighting to get something back.

Regardless of what she is fighting for Mia’s first outfit SUCKs… fur on the sleeve of a turtle neck! Come on. Now with that said lets move on. Mia this week was as usual great at coming out on top. She's fighting for her sex tape, her ex-man and her scarf. In the end she is left with 2 out of three...guess the two. This week she is debating whether she should rekindle a relationship with her ex Jack who just got a promotion and is dating a newscaster chic who stole Mia's scarf. Mia is making the mistake we all do thinking that because we see our ex everywhere it’s an omen that the relationship was meant to be rekindled. Wrong!…you just run in the same circles. Anywho Mia goes to Jack's apt. with his permission to secure the “sex tape” she sees the new girlfriend who was wearing her scarf, they exchanged words and she gets the tape and the scarf back. Later on she slept with Jack only to realize that he is only happy when he is on top … as in career-wise…hello! She moved on. Ok so the black and white outfit Mia wore while looking for the sex tape at Jacks place was the best outfit we’ve seen her in…ever!

Juliet is going through a divorce with a schlep of a hubbie. They are fighting over the apt., the car and the money. Of course even with all this fighting she still maintains her diva with great accessories. Whoever her stylist is does a great job. Pairing the blue earrings with the red hair great idea. In short, not much to discuss with her except that her husband is being a jerk with the divorce. Then he gets a heart attack. She feels sorry for him, he is apologetic and promises to play fair and give her the apt, but once he finds out all he has are anxiety attacks he is back to the old tricks. It seems like all their drama is instigated by his attorney…however, she gets hers in the end - the Masserati recovered by the police at her request!

Zoe is still hard at work fighting for respect. She gets no breaks at home or in the office! Can a working "girl" just get a break? Not only did we see last week that her hubbie hates that she works so much but also at work she has to fight the stereotypes and men who use the fact that she has young child to disqualify her in front of clients. At work they are gunning for a billionaire client. Whoever gets the assignment gets a promotion. Her colleague and her do the pitch. He tells her the promotion is not for her because she has children and as a mother it will have a negative effect on them…why are the men she works with back in the cave ages! Needless to say she quits when her boss calls her “girl”! Go figure.

Caitlin's misguided lesbian mamma trio that could've been is probably on the way out! She was confused, we were confused and apparently so was her female love interest who went back to her ex. They did not have great chemistry ... was it the acting or the plotline... hmmm.

Accessories du jour: Hoop earrings. Many of the ladies wore them last night in various looks and various outfits and they all looked divine!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Natalie Portman ... Shoe Designer?!

Hi Darlings:
In my inbox yesterday I had to actually do a double take when I saw the name Natalie Portman followed with shoe designer. Natalie has actually designed a collection of shoes for Te Casan. The shoes are simple and vegan. The prices are between $150 and $300 and many are already sold out! Although I think she is a great actress I am not sure if these shoes justify the price. I can understand the need for vegan shoes...but where are the swarvorski crystals or even the gold buckle to justify spending so much. Maybe its just the budget fashionista in me.... But, I guess over the years Natalie has become the poster child for veganism and so somewhere between saving the animals there is a need for overly priced shoes...Check out the site and see what you think!
(Pia Flat - $225; Pixie Flat - $185)
(Pippa Pump- 265; Poppy Pump- $255)

NY Fashion Week - Fall 2008 recap

Hi Darlings:

Why did it take me 3 hours to get home last night when it normally takes about 30 minutes? Not fun indeed! I was having fun at first listening to the radio but once I began to notice that the same songs repeated every 10 minutes or so I was not so delighted. Thank goodness for good friends and a telephone charger! Wouldn’t you know it the problem turned out to be an accident and once I got past "the spot" the rest of my trip took only 15 mins. Thankfully I made it home safe and sound! I won't even go there by saying DC metro residents cannot drive in bad weather...but I guess I just did.

Well after my one day break I fear I have to play catch up and discuss the Grammys and NY Fashion Week...especially since we are already on to London Fashion Week. Ye gads!

But, before I move on I would love to announce that Marilyn Blevins of North Carolina is the winner of the lovely bouquet from Jume’s Flowers. Congratulations Marilyn!!!

Stay tuned in the future for more giveaways...

The NY Times talks about everything from Marc Jacobs to Madonna when it comes to the Fall 2008 Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week. Despite the restrictive look in some collections overall it seems like the fashion houses have stuck to the same themes we noticed in the Spring 08 shows - there are still bold prints and body shaping looks. We are also seeing light layers of fabrics and thankfully less pastels and citrus colors. Instead those are replaced with more Fall appropriate pallets.

Donna Karan did not disappoint. Her looks were flowly and shapely without hugging the body too close.

Maria Cornejos kept her look and colors really bold and not too pastel.
Mara Hoffman kept with the bold prints.
Vera Wang as usual was simple chic except the jewelry that went with her collection were bolder than ever.
Hmmm...what would I like in my wardrobe just because...

BCBG MaxAzria: This dress is playful, fun and young.
Bill Blass: This suit and hat look simple, chic look for evening. The suit is well tailored without seeming heavy and overdone.
Carlos Miele: That sweater alone can bring out the diva in anyone! Loves it.
Dennis Basso: Dramatic dress without being overly so.
Tadashi Shoji: I love this dress because it is simple and seems versatile. I almost feel that its a look you can wear to work, a date or just meeting friends for dinner or it can even work at a cocktail party.
(Photos: NY Times and Getty Images)

How fun!!

Hugs and besos!

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