Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holiday Weekend, Indiana Jones and more...

Hi Darlings:

I hope you had a spectacular Memorial Day weekend! I enjoyed the long weekend especially sleeping in today and taking in my fav past time the Food Network. I feel like it would be great to have Giada DeLaurentis as a bff...we would always eat well...and she would cook. Fun times. Anywho I am looking forward to this week since it will be over almost as soon as it starts.

I caught the late night showing of Indiana Jones on Saturday with a friend and I most say I was a bit disappointed. Sadly enough Cate Blanchett was really bad in her role as ... Every time she came on screen I flinched from hearing her accent, watching her gray jumpsuit simply everything about her character was annoying. The movie was campy and not action packed. I was surprised by that but not really since we have a much older version of Indy. The plot flowed so it was not boring but familiar and made you think ...a bit. Karen Allen did a good job as Marion Ravenwood. (see NY Times article on her) Kudos to her. Either way don't expect to be wowed.

Hugs and besos.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Susan G Komen for the Cure

Hi Darlings:

Educate yourself on breast cancer.

Many women are touched each year by this disease which is the second most common type of cancer. Do your monthly breast exam ... add it as a reminder in your PDA, blackberry, outlook where ever....Just do it! And if you can, show your support for others by joining in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Washington, DC - Saturday, June 7th @ National Mall. You can register online for$35 - adults, $20 - kids or $40 if you just want to sleep in on the day of the race.

Hugs and besos.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sex and the City! May 30th

Ok Darlings:

At this point who has not heard about the upcoming US premiere next Friday, May 30th. I am sure by now you've heard of many SATC themed events like this one in DC sponsored by the GWFCC.

A few weeks ago I started thinking about fun girls-night-out ideas. I even started drinking cosmos again when I went out to get that Carrie-esque mood back which was not hard because everywhere I turned there were pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker and the girls. Like these...

I even ordered a cosmo on Saturday while at the Sequoia outside bar with some friends...but alas they did not make them so I had to settle for a Heineken. I tried. Needless to say I began to visualize a plan of meeting my friends for cosmos beforehand and then heading to the movie or seeing the movie and then having dinner and cosmos with friends afterwards while we styled, profiled and critiqued. I was at work pondering the planning stages like the maid of honor brainstorming the bridal shower when I got an amazing idea via text. It was like great minds vibe over communicative electromagnetic signals sent via hovering satellites...phew...mouthful. My sister, now in NYC thought it would be great to meet up with friends in the City to watch SATC! Brilliance! Wink wink ... an apple from the same tree. So this is what my sister, I and some friends will be doing next weekend...exciting. You too have to plan some fun girlfriend zexy hang out! Any reason to hang out with friends is a good reason in my book.

Hugs and besos.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Cannes Do Look...

Hi Darlings:

Here are some pics of the stylistic happenings at Cannes...enjoy!

(pics: Instyle, People)

Hugs and besos.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New En Vogue Item...

Hi Darlings:

Today was such a yuck day in DC! The rain was tremendous and this was definitely not the day to drive. I was not a happy camper on the highway but I made it in safe, sound, dry and warm. The best part of the day was not having to walk around with a wet hemline.

Another fun experience I wanted to write about was the delightfulness that is the shoe repair. I just picked up my second bag of repaired shoes today! This stash included my cream 4" wedges that I've only worn about 5 times because the soles needed repair. Thankfully I could never muster the nerve to throw them out. Now, they are as good as almost new. All my favs are back in business - especially my favorite flats. I went to the shoe place on 12th and G St., NW, although I like the resulting repair job I preferred the better craftmanship of the shoe repair store adjacent to the Vanness Metro (red line) stop.

I feel like I've saved so much money.

Hugs and besos.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mommy Day!

Hi Darlings:

Sorry for not writing last week but I got a Spring gift...the flu! Yikes!! Not fun at all. And to make matters worst Mom was coming into town and everytime I tried to clean the house, my body worn and twisted like a wet rag could not phantom the strength to do the deed. Nevertheless that did not matter to Mom who graciously came in the nic of time to comfort her ailing offspring with teas, food and housekeeping! Yay Mom! Happy Mommy Day!

Hugs and besos!
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