Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day Fashion Dilemma - Voting on November 4th

Hi Darlings:

For Halloween this year I dressed up as Amy Winehouse and spent some time (not a lot) thinking about this costume. I debated applying fake tattoos but decided against doing this as there was no guarantee that it would wash off as easily as I would like. So, in short I was a tattoo-less Winehouse with straight teeth. The most interesting aspect of dressing like Amy W. was not that all the costume items except the fake eyelashes were in my closet but that EVERYONE and their mother had the same idea. Go figure! Needless to say, that costume dilemma is out of the way. But then I started thinking of Election Day not because of the many election night parties but because of the emotions involved either way with the result. So I thought what would a Diva wear.

Divas like everyone else get emotional. Yes we do...we just know how to control our facial reactions. Example - you walk by a firiend and she is wearing polka dots and striped shirt. You are shocked of course, but you still walk over and give her a kiss-kiss greeting. At this point, you are being in seen in public with her but whatever she is your friend.

So I am debating wearing mascara today or not wearing mascara today since I will either be wiping away tears or shaking my head really hard in disbelief. Either way I will end the day as an emotional Diva and I have to believe that I will be wiping away tears no matter what. So, does it matter whether I wear mascara or not - NO! Because the only fashion statement that I care to make is too get up and get out and VOTE!!

Darlings - don't let fashion get in the way oof doing your duty. VOTE!

Leave a comment and let me know how it went for you.

Hugs and besos.

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