Monday, February 04, 2008

V Day Alternatives

Hi Darlings:

A friend and I were talking about V Day this weekend. Yes, its coming up! Hopefully you have a date or a potential date. But for many divas this day is just a black stain on the calendar that comes back to hunt those without a significant other every February. Frankly, what makes Feb. 14th so different than Feb. 13th. The irony is we spend so much time stressing over this day when we are single and my married friends laugh it off as the day they may or may not formally celebrate... ie everyday is "love day". Also, since its supposed to be "love day" everyday why not use this day to show love to those that mean the most to you instead of focusing on what does not exist at the present time. So, in pondering this we came up with some fun ways to say "thanks for the love when I needed it the most".

1.) Diva Nail party! you can either call the Dainty As She Wanna Be mobile spa or just go somewhere close during your lunch hour or after work. Afterwards, when your nails are kiss kiss divine you can go for drinks.

2.) Send your mom, best girl or guy friend candy, t-shirt, or just an email or thanks for whatever reason you choose ... ie the time your were a pain in the butt (insert stronger term when necessary) about whatever.

3.) Call someone you care about and just listen to them especially since you might've spent the last month talking about "the you know what" or you know -the person with the "DNA" next to their name in your cell.

4.) Wear orange, purple, blue ... any color but black, pink or red. Wearing black to protest V day is so passe and pink and red are so overboard. Who wants to blend in with the decor?

5.) Go with friends to watch a girlie movie.

You get the idea!

Hugs and besos! Happy Monday!

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