Friday, February 22, 2008

Cashmere Mafia Recap "Dog Eat Dog"

Hi Darlings:

Sorry for the late recap. I literally fell asleep before the show started on Wednesday so decided to write the recap after watching the latest Episode this am.

Watching this episode I am reminded of “If A Man Answers” the Sandra Dee movie(circa 1962) where her mom teaches her that to catch and keep a man she has to literally treat him like a dog i.e. scratch his head, rub his ear when he comes home or feed him etc. However, this plan goes well until her to be husband finds out and turns the cards on her. Luckily for the ladies in Cashmere Mafia by the end of the episode they got the better of the men in their lives.

Mia is finally trying to be less self-centered. She is trying to adopt a stray dog found by her secretary and make things work with the brain surgeon who is always at work. No sense really remembering his name since he might be gone for good. He falls asleep trying to kiss … pathetic. How can a relationship based on booty calls be all call and no booty? Well I guess the last straw for her was when she lost Wiley the dog because she was determined to be inadequate. She was trying to tell him the story but he brushed off her concern and bond to the dog stating something to the extent of “this does not make sense you only had the dog for two or three days” … as if … after she had spent hours listening to him talk about random surgeries and diseases. It was then she had the epiphany that they had not chemistry. Buh-bye surgeon hello puppy! Hmmm…do we sense a change in Mia?

Last week left us with Zoe quitting her job when she was not offered the promotion! Hmmm … so I guess this week she is practicing her dog training skills by hanging up the phone or just not picking it up. She is definitely not the diva in the group…after all that is Mia’s role but even though she seems to be the homiest and grounded of the friend she is clearly the opposite. Time to go back to work Zoe! Maybe now that Juliet is playing with billionaires she can offer Zoe a job.

So why did I laugh when the billionaire trying to take over Juliet’s company says “Billionaire is not a character profile its just a word that is spoken with my name these days” …go figure! I cracked up over that one. Only a Billionaire would say that. I knew that once he realized Juliet would not be easy to control on the business front he would aim for her emotional sensibilities…and it almost worked. All he wants are her hotels…maybe. We’ll have to wait until the next episode… But in the meantime although she falls for the dates, brandy, expensive paintings and potential weekends in St. Barts even the customary confidential agreement …yes all in one episode she decides that he really might just be a wolf in sheep’s clothing as he is still buying her company piece by piece. Bad puppy...he bites and she bites back.

Caitlin has trouble biting at first in this episode but she manages to put on a great fashion show in the end. Her scenes are so random clearly she is the comedian in the bunch. So she works at a cosmetics company that is left out of fashion week. She does not find out until the last minute. What is a girl to do? So with Mia’s help she hires a fashion student and plans to showcase his fashion designs, as well as her company’s makeup. The catch: he has one week to finish a line of clothing. Realistic factor: ZERO. No wonder he has a nervous breakdown the day off. In the end the models wear makeup and body suits she wins.

And that’s all I have.
Ciao bellas.

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