Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lipstick Jungle ... Bonfire Magazine

As an update I heard from the folks at NBC (yup...I was shocked too!) today that there are exciting new occurrences in the world of Lipstick Jungle. Project Runway contestant Daniel Vosovic is now showing his latest work on, the virtual magazine that corresponds with Nico Reily's Bonfire Magazine from the show. His designs are on the cover.

Ok, so I knew there were a lot of behind the scenes development in regards to the show and the lipstick theme and makeovers but an e-magazine that is impressive and the next level of e-marketing.

Admittedly, I have stopped writing about Lipstick Jungle eventhough I still watch the show. Afterall, it comes on after Lost and I always need to gradually escape the intensity of the Lost plotline. I just don't like the cheesy plot line. Victory Ford meets a Billionaire who has tons of free time and sends a cupcake to her in Japan. Brooke Shield's character Wendy Healey is a high powered producer but yet she is married to a guy who lacks self-confidence and LOOKs like a homeless person and I think more can be done with Brooke Shields wardrobe and makeup. Go figure!

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