Monday, February 25, 2008

Divas In The News and More ... Oscars 2008

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How appropriate that we get to discuss the Oscars for this Monday's edition of Divas in the News and more... The Divas/Divos were really out last night and I must say as far as fashion goes it was a really tamed red carpet showing.

I figured I would just write my stream of thoughts (with edits) while watching the show. This is a long list and maybe my thoughts are random but it can be fun all the same.

Heidi Klum is in a fantastic red Galliano dress soon to be auctioned after the show for charity in support of the Red Dress Campaign for Heart Truth. (See My Coke Rewards for more info) Interesting coupling of fuschia jewelry and purse with the red dress. Unexpected and curious but a satisfying marriage of colors. Seal is wearing Dior and they both look so happy together as usual. My only question is who is the size zero wealthy diva that will purchase the dress? Its the gesture that counts.... :)

There is a report of rain in LA. How unfortunate... Hopefully the attendies are thinking ahead and wearing foul weather appropriate hairdos. Thankfully many got the rain is not good for the hair memo...too bad so sad for those who didn't.

Those who did:

Heidi Klum - of course.
Kimora Lee Simmons - Good idea to pin her hair up and wear sleeves so those of us on the East coast can actually be reminded that LA is not miraculously in the middle of summer. Can't find pic...
Anne Hatheway got the memo. But I will discuss her below wearing red.

Those who didn't:
Ellen Page
John Travolta's wife Kelly Preston
Cameron Diaz - well she never gets the hair memo. It used to be a cute part of her look denoting her carefree spirit but now its more along the lines of bed head or I just worked out hair you fill in the blank.
Jessica Alba - wow. She is wearing Marchesa like Anne Hathway but is not making the same impression. The feather details and royal purple are great but I think she needs to stop wearing braids at these events. Its not working.

I am already beginning to see a color trend - RED is the color of the evening. Could they have all been inpsired by the carpet. Or did Heidi K. send out a memo.

Lets tally the REDs:
Heidi Klum - we discussed above

Anne Hathaway is wearing a flowly grecian influenced red Marchesa gown with simple rosette details. Its simple elegance that perfectly compliments her porcelain skin and dark brown hair.

Patrick Dempsey's wife has on a beatiful red dress. But since the camera is so focused on him its hard to get a full view of what he is wearing.

Ruby Dee has on a lovely red suit. There she is in front of the camera for a split second and gone the next.

Miley Cyrus - actually looks the least punk kid we've ever seen her. Her dress age appropriate and her makeup simple and natural. Bravo to her for getting it right this time around.

Helen Mirren - beautiful and elegant in her one of a kind dress. Good way to evade a question on whether she is more popular than Queen Elizabeth.Katherine Heigl - same look different colored dress different event - Marilyn Monroe would've been proud. Why did she just ask Ryan if she had lipstick on her teeth weird. Too hyper!
Anne Jeffreys - Diva but love the lightning color.

These gowns we just liked because they were refreshing:

Felicity ahem Keri Russell - looks beautiful – nice nude colored dress; beautiful multi-layered necklace; husband Shane – slick back hair ... unique and unexpected.
Amy Adams – nice green – expected for red head; cute non-purse – gold mesh bag with nothing in it. Fashion statement or strange ... I guess she just had to have it.
Jennifer garner dress – nice black expected more color – but chic and clean; nice diamond and black look and her hair looks great!

Marion Cotillard – scale details – Gautiere dress; nice and different details than the other dresses; She is actually one of the more daring on a relatively tamed night for fashion.

Calista Flockhart – blue and gray – nice refreshing – love the up doo.
Hilary Swank - ambiguous about her but she looked nice.

Kristin Chenoweth - looks darling!

Penelope Cruz - Looks fantabulous. She must be proud of her man Javier Bardem for being nominated. (He won!!)
(pictures: Yahoo,, People)

Congrats to all who won!!!

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