Friday, February 08, 2008

Lipstick Jungle - Worth A Second Look

Hi Darlings:

Lipstick Jungle premiered last night. I could tell right away they were sort of trying to do their own thing and not duplicate the chic show formula – you know 4 bffs: all wealthy, one straight laced, one outlandish, one the sex fiend and the other the consummate professional. Surprising, because like Sex and the City, the book ”Lipstick Jungle” was written by Candace Bushnell. Time will tell if she will again put her mark on this genre.

To start there are three women involved as my sister also noted when she said in amazement at the end of the show looking at me quizzically “There are only three of them? Interesting.” – “yup!” I respond. This will be interesting. At least the on a scale of 1 to 10 the believability factor on their chosen work wear is a 10. Their suits are fabulous! However, are we to really believe they shop from street vendors in Central Park buying everything from scented massage oils to $10 “pashminas” … hmmm. And what was with the slow start!

Wendy Healy(Brooke Shields): She is the only one of the successful three juggling work and family. She is a top exec at Parador Pictures trying to woo Leonardo Dicarprio (giggle…was not convinced by this part … Suddenly Susan anyone) while her husband looks like an unshaven, househusband to which success has eluded. They seem unevenly yoked. He resents her writing the check and is already looking like a schmuck. We shall see if his restaurant bombs or succeeds and whether or not he stays in the picture.

Nico Riley(Kim Raver): She is editor-in-chief at Bonfire mag… working for Wendy’s former boss a jerk who blatantly tells her she won’t get a promotion because he is afraid she will get pregnant and loose her drive. Why are most of the guys on this show loosers? Is this purposeful? However, she looks diva at work… 5 gold necklaces over the black satin bustier and sharp suit loved it. So why at a work event, she gets hit on by this kid, who follows her into the bathroom (uninvited) and writes his number on her legs with a marker(college…not that that ever happened to me), she calls him (go figure) and goes to the apt he shares with friends, they have sex (surprise). She cries in car…she has cheated on her husband for the first time. (I sense the same cougar theme from Cashmere Mafia) But, her husband no longer seems to care for her in a sexual way and it seems like this has been going on for months. Overall her life seems stalled.

Victory Ford (Lindsay Price): She is a fashion designer…so her fashion show bombed but she nabbed the attention of Andrew McCarthy’s billionaire Joe Bennet … who sends a plane to pick her up in Japan when she had a bad day (Mr. Big?). She is straight forward with him so he might be intrigued by that. I like that everything she wears has the extra details that don’t go overboard – her coat with the scalloped collar and contrasting gloves and the dress with feather detail…simple hair goes a long way!

Overall I will try to tune in next week. The show was ok … they seem to be trying to squeeze everything in one episode. Only time will tell if Candace Bushnell has done it again.

(All Photos: NBC)

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