Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Cashmere Mafia Recap

Hi Darlings:

Happy Valentines day!!!

"Yours, mine and hers" indeed the title of this weeks CM is so appropos! Everyone is fighting to get something back.

Regardless of what she is fighting for Mia’s first outfit SUCKs… fur on the sleeve of a turtle neck! Come on. Now with that said lets move on. Mia this week was as usual great at coming out on top. She's fighting for her sex tape, her ex-man and her scarf. In the end she is left with 2 out of three...guess the two. This week she is debating whether she should rekindle a relationship with her ex Jack who just got a promotion and is dating a newscaster chic who stole Mia's scarf. Mia is making the mistake we all do thinking that because we see our ex everywhere it’s an omen that the relationship was meant to be rekindled. Wrong!…you just run in the same circles. Anywho Mia goes to Jack's apt. with his permission to secure the “sex tape” she sees the new girlfriend who was wearing her scarf, they exchanged words and she gets the tape and the scarf back. Later on she slept with Jack only to realize that he is only happy when he is on top … as in career-wise…hello! She moved on. Ok so the black and white outfit Mia wore while looking for the sex tape at Jacks place was the best outfit we’ve seen her in…ever!

Juliet is going through a divorce with a schlep of a hubbie. They are fighting over the apt., the car and the money. Of course even with all this fighting she still maintains her diva with great accessories. Whoever her stylist is does a great job. Pairing the blue earrings with the red hair great idea. In short, not much to discuss with her except that her husband is being a jerk with the divorce. Then he gets a heart attack. She feels sorry for him, he is apologetic and promises to play fair and give her the apt, but once he finds out all he has are anxiety attacks he is back to the old tricks. It seems like all their drama is instigated by his attorney…however, she gets hers in the end - the Masserati recovered by the police at her request!

Zoe is still hard at work fighting for respect. She gets no breaks at home or in the office! Can a working "girl" just get a break? Not only did we see last week that her hubbie hates that she works so much but also at work she has to fight the stereotypes and men who use the fact that she has young child to disqualify her in front of clients. At work they are gunning for a billionaire client. Whoever gets the assignment gets a promotion. Her colleague and her do the pitch. He tells her the promotion is not for her because she has children and as a mother it will have a negative effect on them…why are the men she works with back in the cave ages! Needless to say she quits when her boss calls her “girl”! Go figure.

Caitlin's misguided lesbian mamma trio that could've been is probably on the way out! She was confused, we were confused and apparently so was her female love interest who went back to her ex. They did not have great chemistry ... was it the acting or the plotline... hmmm.

Accessories du jour: Hoop earrings. Many of the ladies wore them last night in various looks and various outfits and they all looked divine!

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