Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Natalie Portman ... Shoe Designer?!

Hi Darlings:
In my inbox yesterday I had to actually do a double take when I saw the name Natalie Portman followed with shoe designer. Natalie has actually designed a collection of shoes for Te Casan. The shoes are simple and vegan. The prices are between $150 and $300 and many are already sold out! Although I think she is a great actress I am not sure if these shoes justify the price. I can understand the need for vegan shoes...but where are the swarvorski crystals or even the gold buckle to justify spending so much. Maybe its just the budget fashionista in me.... But, I guess over the years Natalie has become the poster child for veganism and so somewhere between saving the animals there is a need for overly priced shoes...Check out the site and see what you think!
(Pia Flat - $225; Pixie Flat - $185)
(Pippa Pump- 265; Poppy Pump- $255)

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