Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Got Minxed ... and So Can You!


Hope you all had a fantabulous holiday and wishing you all the best in 2008!

Last week I was contacted by the folks at Minx Nails who offered me the opportunity to try their product! They wanted to know if I would want a complimentary manicure from Natasha Ray of the mobile spa - Dainty As She Wanna Be in DC. Like yeah! Did not need to think twice about that one...

I have been curious about Minx Nails ever since they’ve become Beyonce’s favorite Fall/Winter nail go to product. And I’ve also been curious about the Mobile Spa so whadya know... the perfect combo. I set up to meet Natasha expecting to be pampered and delighted.

We scheduled an early morning visit at Natasha’s nail lounge on Capitol Hill at 709 D, SE. Right off the bat I liked the idea of one-to-one attention. She even set up a DVD player with Sex In The City but although I love love love SITC I knew I would be spending most of the time conversing.

Before applying Minx Nails Natasha gave me a manicure using her signature line of natural products. On my hands she used a cranberry/fig scrub and honey/almond/shea butter lotion. The final step of the manicuring process was different because instead of applying moisture she had to remove it from the nail bed so the Minx Nail coverlet could stay on the nail.

She took out the product. I had many options. I was told that you can customize the coverlets to match a dress, party theme or color scheme. But went with a funky design instead of the gold metal I’ve seen on Beyonce’s nails. I was feeling adventurous.

(Here are some more ways to use the product...)She then applied heat from the blow dryer to the coverlet. Afterwards, she stuck a coverlet on each of my nails. Then she used a blow dryer to ensure the product was sealed to the nail. Finally, she trimmed off the extra parts so that coverlets shaped my nail beds.

And the best part was that right after the manicure, I stuck my hands in my purse and then for a moment panicked only to realize that there would be no smudging. That never happens to me! To remove just use blow dryer to loosen the coverlet and peel off from side-to-side. Presto... There should be no damaged nail beds like with acrylics! Umm...think no chemicals, totally green and durable! Loves it...

Finished product:
Just in case you are curious: Natasha’s can be contacted at either and 202-538-0142. Cost: $45 plus travel if she comes to you. BTW, Natasha says that many of her clients are men who want a mani/pedi but not in public ... gift ideas!

Hugs and happy holidays!

Stay tuned for a giveaway on this product...


Anonymous said...


On average how long did Natasha say your minx manicure would last?


Diva Bugs said...

I can't remember exactly what she said but I think they last for two or more weeks.

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