Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Passion for Paper...

Hi Darlings:

I was recently reading an article about the importance of handwritten notes. The article mentions that we should still send letters via snail mail because there are just some things you can't say well over email like "I love you" or "Thank You" or "You looked lovely yesterday and I am glad you are doing better" or "You suck"(but in a nice way on yellow stationery).

(They are so diva divine even the Barefoot Contessa has her own stationery on Barnes and ... hmmm pastry and stationery...interesting)

To be honest when I get a paper invite for a friend's party or getogether I always cherish them. Paper invites always have that extra amount of class and sophistication which stands out among the electronic versions. And on the other hand, think of it this way - saying something not so nice on ivory notecard with a gold stamp will always soften the blow. For one they first admire the paper, so that shocks them from the start and two its like having a beautiful messenger.

Now I am really trying not to sound cheesy but I have to say that I try to keep extra stationery at my house some with my name imprinted, some embossed and others are just too cute not to buy. I buy them when I travel to add a unique touch. Admittedly I too have sent and still do send out electronic cards and invites. They make life so simple and are easier since we unfortunately rarely have the mailing addressing of our loved ones or acquaintances. But I enjoy going through my paper stock at the last minute on my way out to a birthday party because its convenient and great not to have to buy a card each time. I like knowing that I can write a friend a note on my personal paper and have them feel as special as I do when I receive the compliment in return. My only worry has been to make sure my penmanship is fluid and comprehensive. No fun if they can't read what you have to say...

Here are some of my favorite places to purchase stationery:

1.) The Met has the best cards. They are simple sophistication and can be used for any event. They are not just replications of various artworks but are the perfect sized notecars (at least the ones I like) with just enough room to say what you need to say and say it well. See the Pineapple correspondence cards below $22.95.

If you don't like these you can find many options at any museum. They tend to have more class than the usual options in local CVS store.

2.) American Stationery provides flexibility in design. You get the option of buying stationery for a specific event like St. Patrick's Day or paper with you initials or full name embossed. Great staples for any collection.

3.) Barnes and Noble - For unique cards you can always visit Barnes and Noble. I tend to go for the cards that are wrapped in plastic. Usually these cards have fabric designs, beads or dried flowers. They are unique enough to add that special touch especially when you don't plan on buying a gift and you usually get to say what you want in your own words.

Hugs and besos...happy writing!

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