Friday, February 01, 2008

Divas in the News and more...

Hi Darlings:

So I'm off to work in the rain...I think I will wear my yellow cropped jacket to add a little sunshine. Hope it works.

Hopefully it isn't raining in Paris especially since it is not quite printemps (ie Spring). I wonder what Carine Roitfeld thinks about being referred to as the Anna Wintour of France. I guess being born french automatically means that fashion is in your blood. Oh la la!

There is so much to endure on the campaign trail...

Did you watch the debates last night? Who needs the awards shows when you have the debates? There were so many celebs in attendance. It was almost like all they needed were the gowns, the food, Jack Nicholson and an MC to warm up the crowd. Doesn't anyone else live in LA?

(photos: LA Times)
I tried too watch in between commercials for can only guess where my allegiance lies. (ahem) Love love love that show! My fav... I now need a manicure after biting my nails during the suspenseful moments! Entertainment Weekly has the best Lost recap ... if you are addicted to the show. Yes, I said addicted. When will the writers strike end...

The fashionista that is Star Jones is now off the air. But, I think this won't be for long. But, here is something exciting to look foward to...

(Photo: Bossip)
Remember the commercial song "Milk it does, milk it does the body. Milk it does the body good! Pass it on!" Ok, so I enjoyed Saturday morning TV just a little too much when I was younger...:) Here is another milk ad featuring Rhianna... (Photo: bossip)

Hugs and besos.

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