Friday, February 15, 2008

Ask Diva Bugs: Hairstylist Tipping Advice

Diva ER Asks:

What do I do about tipping at my hair salon? I went to the hair salon a few days ago and by the time I got to my hair stylist two different people worked on my hair. One shampooed me and the other set my hair. Now the service came up to $35. I usually just tip $5. I feel bad just giving each woman $1 and my stylist $3 but I don't think I should tip more. Also if I go to the salon every week do I still have to give her 20% each time?

Diva Bugs Says:

This is an age old question that comes up time and time again. I've even had a friend turn to me in shock when I tipped the owner of a salon who had just blown out my hair. She argued you never tip the person who owns the establishment. My motto has been to tip the person who works on your hair no matter. Well according to this Washingtonian article, I may have to rethink a few of these ideas. Who knew you did not have to tip the owner of the salon? Yikes. But darlings you still have to tip everyone 10% to %20 proportional to the service they provide. So, if its a $10 shampoo then $2 at least is required. In the end, I would say tip what you can. If you can only afford $5 one day and $3 the next don't worry about it especially if you visit your stylist every week. The percentages balance out and I would think the revenue from your visits is worth more to your stylist than an inadequate tip!

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