Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cashmere Mafia - The Recap

Hi Darlings:

Cashmere Mafia tonight was another evening of second-by-second costume changes and a plot lines with an expanding cast which includes more children and more realistic understanding of the characters. They have kids!

Admittedly I still don’t know what to make of Cashmere Mafia. However, I am now able to somewhat distinguish the show from the earlier tag of a mixture of Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City. They are different … the outfits are more mature AND no one was locked outside their house naked! No, Teri Hatcher-like scenes, I am intrigued enough to keep watching. So Divas, stay tuned next week for another episode update.

Since we are all still trying to figure out what this show is about I will analyze what I think is going on character by character.

Zoe (Frances O’Connor): The show started off with Zoe who is a workaholic. Her outfits are low key compared to Lucy Lui’s Mia. She and her husband are celebrating their tenth anniversary and she can’t seem to find the time. He is somewhat upset. At work she is meeting her “work husband” for the first time. Love, love that they brought up the “work husband” like most people have one and no one ever writes about it. Except in her case she actually seems to have a crush on hers (i.e. all her friends know his name (Nicholas) and call him her WH) Could the fact that she wears a revealing backless, trench dress with her bra exposed the first time she meets him let us know that there might be more drama regarding this relationship especially since he is moving to NYC… go figure. In the end, she goes off to the Hamptons for a meeting with the WH and finally realizes she should be home with her husband. She asks WH if he set up the trip for a romantic purpose…awkward, turns down an invite to dinner with the WH … that was quick and plays the “You were there, and I drove to you only to find out you left for where I was” game with her husband. Seriously the Hamptons are a 2 hours or more drive from the city … suuuuuure they were able to meet up in a blink of an eye…

Mia (Lucy Lui): Why is Mia so over done? Sometimes its like Joan Collins from Dynasty was transported to the 21st Century! Humungous jewelry, big jackets, big hair. Some of the things she wears and go “I would maybe could wear that”. But for the most part I am like … “huh!? Would Mom wear that?” But I guess the whole idea is to keep us talking. She is the CEO of a publishing company who is about to have a lot of relationship drama in the future. She is trying to play the “two guys balance”. A game that can drive even the most skillful crazy! On the one hand she is dating, the sensible doctor who speaks Mandarin with her and on the other hand there is Zoe’s manny/photographer Adam who she just met and who spent no time getting into her pants…believability factor … none! She IS already giving him a job...maybe the writers wanted to just try the cougar route, they are experimenting with everything else.

Caitlin (Bonnie Somerville): Caitlin is well sexually confused. We don’t hear much about what she does all we know is that she is not sure if she should date men or women. She started dating Alicia who is preggers and does not to tell her right away…hmmm. D-uh … artificial insemination during previous relationship. And that scares Caitlin so she goes on a date with a guy. Then she gets back together with Alicia…because she is understanding of Caitlin’s present state of confusion. I am confused. She seems to have more animal attraction with the guy. BUT, there seems to be more baby mammas drama with Alicia’s ex on the horizon…stay tuned.

Juliet (Miranda Otto): Juliet has the red hair and “Bree” façade… you know my life is falling apart but my makeup will never get smudged. Are we to believe that she is a CEO who has given her husband complete control over her money... She is not even a housewife and he controls the checkbook! Well she is getting divorce and her daughter who is 14 going on 25 is having drama at school. But I must say the she wore the outfit of the night … lovely ethnic jewelry with a navy sleeveless shiff with a cape. Loved it! I was also happy that the Bree façade is breaking down and she has become more real.

Stay tuned for more next Thursday!

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