Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We Are Simply Smellable ...

Hi Darlings:

So I am watching the reruns for one of my fav shows the other night. I must say I am getting really tired of reruns ... yes ... no new episodes anymore because of the WGA strike. (Aside: I hope this crazy situation is resolved before the New Years) So, anywho I began to pay close attention to the commercials on TV and I must say that I am positively surprised that Americans aren't smelling more like roses or any of the other flowers used to make all the perfumes ... ummm violet, gardenias etc etc. Yikes! As I type Gwen Stefani's L is on the tube. Cute outfit Gwen....These commercials are everywhere! Click here to watch ...

Mariah Carey, Paris, Britney, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more have their own scents or soon will. Amazing! And if they are not hawking their own scents they are in ads for Chanel like Keira Knightley, overwhelming the market like they do the tabloids. Even with all the hoopla over these celebs and their scents I am still married to my favorite, non-celebrity endorsed Oscar by Oscar de la Renta body lotion (~$32.29 for 6.8 oz on

I have tried other scents but its my favorite! And you know what they say ... once a compliment goes to your head there is no return. I've just gotten too many compliments wearing this scent to turn my back on it. Either way I know I am not in the minority in not buying the celeb endorsed brands because the perfume industry is not doing as well as expected.

Either way celeb perfume adds are entertaining and creative!

Ciao bellas!

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