Monday, December 24, 2007

Diva Musings: Happy Holidays!


This weekend I decided to do some pre-Christmas cleaning. I got really into this project and decided to finally look through boxes of mementos, docs and files that I have been carrying with me throughout the years with every move. Ye gads! So I began looking through these boxes smiling at thank you and birthday cards, finding money that my parents sent me years ago in an envelope ... yes ... go figure. I too scratched my head at that one... extra shopping $$. Amid the good and exciting finds were also old bills and reminders of experiences that to be frank I would have rather forgotten. Nothing too alarming but events that gave me pause then and now. Literally, I wondered why I had been carrying around these things with me for so long. Not only were they taking up space and cluttering my basement but they are life clutterers as well. So needless to say I thought that since the NYE to me means moving full speed ahead to the future I want - getting rid of some of this stuff would be a good start. Funny the things we take with us consciously and subconsciously. And to be truthful I actually felt lighter as I opened the trash can lid.

Hugs and all the best in 2008!

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