Sunday, December 16, 2007

For Sophistication ... Go SHORT!


So at work last week I looked up while walking through the elevator bank and made eye contact with the other Diva on the floor! I gasped. Her hair was short (how mine used to be); her boots - 3+ inches (the height I enjoy); and her outfit one word=together. I on the other hand had chosen comfortable and flats that day. Yikes!! I had to say her outfit was great - admiring as one Diva to the next. But for the rest of the week the flats stayed home and it was on...well at least in my mind! :) Needless to say, those of you who know me know that after years of short hair (few inches long) its shoulder length and beyond from here and out! I loved my hair short and appreciated the ease of maintenance but in my life right now there is nothing like a cute ponytail or easy flip - useful for effective flirting! loves it.

Well on a stylistic front it is good to see that Divas everywhere are refreshing their looks by cutting their hair (ahem ... removing their weaves) to create a sharp and simple sophistication. For example, Katie Holmes instantly became a women and fashionista worth noting and no longer Dawson's sidekick gal pal when she recently cut her hair. Star Jones went from tranny to take me seriously Diva Divine. Take a look at other transformations... Viva la BOB!

Ciao Darlings!

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