Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Red ... the Color of the hour.

Hi Divas:

Seems like red has become the Fall accent color of the hour. It is showing up everywhere!

Katherine Heigl uses red in jewelry accents and her purse. For budget versions of the jewelry try Forever 21 or Target and you can find a similar version of the purse at baghaus.com.

Nicole Richie recently accentuated an all black outfit with a red beret! It was a darling touch that is so divine I want to go buy one now! We all can get the look for less at Urban Outfitters.

Red lipstick after laying low for many years since its advent in the 80's is becoming vogue again. However, for a few tips: when wearing red lips tone down the eyes and cheeks. Its a statement color so over applying makeup can put you on the verge of gaudy.

Ciao bellas. Have a great day!

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