Monday, December 10, 2007

Divas in the news and more...

Hi Divas:

Art Basel is definitely THE event to go to if you enjoy art and love to be seen. This event is currently happening in South Beach, Miami. Check out .... Big Walls to Fill - Art Basel report (Washington Post)

Ummm...yeah men can be Divas too!! Hello.... Eyeliner for men?! Pencil these guys in. (also in the Washington Post)

Jane Fonda knows all to well some nicknames are not only hard to swallow but also hard to shed. Jane: Unforgiven (NY Post)

Fashion Gifts...come look and see what is all the rage. (NY Post)

Boxing Matches are becoming the fashion place to see and be seen. Brad and Angelina are so aware of that! (d listed)

Ciao bellas.

Have a lovely Monday!!

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