Saturday, December 08, 2007

Great DC Find - Park at Fourteenth

Hi Divas:

Some friends and I were on our way to an event the other day. When we arrived at the location our hopes of seeing the show were dashed because it was already sold out and we were about 45 minutes early. Not feeling defeated - we decided to head on to the next spot which was The Park at Fourteenth. This place is super-spectacular. The vision of a '70s era club designer - there is traditional wood paneling, contemporary lounge look combined with upscale furniture Definitely nothing currently on the scene in DC. Each floor has its own signature drink - they are also able to make whatever cocktail you like. Since we started on the first floor we sipped the yummy and refreshing Betty. Each of the four floors has a drink named after a former first lady. The scene is diverse and diva chic.

Definitely a place to see and be seen. Wear something nice...jeans included!

Another Great DC Find!

Ciao bellas.

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