Sunday, December 16, 2007

Divas in the News and more ...


Who can believe we have just 9 more shopping days to go before Christmas! The more I think about it the more I've come to the conclusion this has been a December on steroids. Its seems like Halloween was just yesterday and today I am forced to think about X-mas and New Years! Well I am taking it all in stride, determined to finish my Christmas gifts - craft projects - on time! It's got to get done. Well the best part of the holidays so far has been the many holiday parties (did I say NYE is right around the corner - Yeah - and so is the resolution on working out more!!!) Gotta make another batch of my award winning bread pudding! (look out Martha!) Write me if you want the recipe!

Here are some clips to keep you focused on this rainy Sunday!

Ciao Darlings.

1.) Perez Hilton: Easily the Ugliest Man in Hollywood - Inside and Out (Lossip)

2.) Vivica Fox asks bloggers "Baby, what did I do to you?" (Stereohyped) hmmmm....

3.) Stripper poles in the NY subway ... no way! (gothamist) Note to self: next time in NYC bring Lysol spray and hand sanitizer!

4.) Will Smith finally gets his hands dirty (ENEWSBUZZ)

5.) Ashley Simpson/Barbie - Barbie/Ashley Simpson - take your pick (boy culture)

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