Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fashion Review - Spring '08

Hi Diva Socialistas:

Last week at the Corcoran DC the local Fashion Group Intl chapter had their semi-annual discussion on the latest trends in the Spring '08 fashion shows. All the fashionista darlings always seem to range from those who dress to the nines - minks and all to the students in jeans! I opted to dress up...

Its always fun seeing the trends and even more spectacular if you have been tracking the shows and they come up with the same conclusions as you. Overall the Spring trends were shown to be not only heading towards the romantic but also there is a focus on shape, transparency and prints all in a way slightly different than we've seen in the last few years. One point to note that was mentioned during the discussion is the effect the advent of the Internet has had on the fashion trend cycle. Technology brings designs to the masses at a greater speed causing the cycles of fashion to no longer be around 10 years but a lot sooner.

Here are some quick mentions:

1.) Yeohlee I loved for hair and makeup and Dior by Pat McGrath.
2.) Layering transparent fabrics (like chiffon) is great especially with the new trend of citrus colors. The layer of for example black transparent fabric over a yellow dress (Carolina Herrera) tones down the bring color and allows you to wear the hue without calling too much attention to yourself.
3.) Shape - or rather loose fitting dresses took us away from the tight fitted fabrics and designs from past years. Diane von Furstenberg, Missoni's kaftan
4.) High waisted pants - despite what was said and after being in Paris a few months ago...I don't believe this trend will last. In Paris no one was wearing highwaisted. It is such a awkward item to fit into a wardrobe.
5.) Blown up prints like paisley were refreshing (Christian LaCroix); Armani and Proenza Schouler
6.) The citrus trends (yellow, pink, orange, green) of the last two seasons is still in! Go figure...
7.) The art or statement shoe - everyone should have at least one in their closet...see last weeks post on the statement shoe.
8.) Bangles and cuffs are said to be in but for me they were never out!
9.) On the green scene - cotton is making a comeback

Overall the presentation was worthwhile and informative! Have fun with your Spring '08 wardrobes.

Ciao bellas!

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