Friday, December 21, 2007

Divas in the News and more ...


I won't even go there about the holidays drawing near or the latest fad of celebs getting pregnant being out of control. Remember like three years ago when no one in Hollywood got preggers or if they did it was not a photo op moment ... now its seems like being preggers has become the new va-jay-jay shot. Go figure!

1.) Catfights were really taken to a new level at the Puerto Rico beauty pageants! Miss Puerto Rico was not lying. (Lossip)

2.) Are they are aren't day? Rumors (again) of Beyonce and Jay-Z wedding. Maybe tatoos on the finger will be in vogue in 2008. (Celebslam)

3.) Eva Longoria Parker (mouthful) has a new movie out?!@$ Aparently she might be surprised too! (dlisted)

4.) Powerful hubbie unfashionable for Hill. It's all about ... (WashingtonPost)

5.) The ultimate Diva is now the oldest Royal Diva. (Yahoo News)

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