Friday, August 10, 2007

Weekend lips - kissable and affordable and planet friendly

Hey Divas:

Ever want to support a cause and look fanatabulous in the process?! Ooops! Of course, I should not even question - Divas always want to look fantabulous!

Sephora - Cargo's PlantLove Botanical lipstick

Why: made of corn and not petroleum by-products so you can lick your lips and save the planet! How much: $20

Kiehls lip gloss

Why: containers not biodegradable - but they've been on a natural role for the past 150 years.How much: $13.50

Carol's Daughter New Candy Paing Lip Gloss

Why: For just 4 great reasons - shea butter, grape seed oil, aloe vera and vitamin E.
How much: $13.50

Aveda Lip color concentrate

Why: Containers are glass and you can recycle via one of their brick and mortar locations. Green is their mission.
How much:$14.00

For the a more ambitious Divas - you can always DIY...

Hugs Divas! Have a super fabulous weekend! Don't forget to look your best....

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