Sunday, August 12, 2007

New phrase - Diva Divine

Hi Divas:

I just wanted to introduce you to a phrase that I've used for about 8 years now - Diva Divine . Diva divine can be used to describe any moment where you feel your effortless best! The outfit is working it, make-up radiant, body ... purrrrrfect!

Scenario: Its Saturday. You wake up late but just in time for brunch with friends. Your usual routine. You wash up, throw on some jeans or leggings and a shirt of t-shirt. Sandals are close by so you grab them. You don't want to be the late diva all the time! Gotta make this a quick change. Sunglasses near purse. Perfect. You look in the mirror! Was there anything you did differently? ... not really. But, you look and feel divine. You my dear fashionista are having a diva divine moment!

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