Monday, August 13, 2007

Keys on Lock

Hey Diva darlings:

So I decided to hang out with my co-workers on Thursday. What was supposed to just be happy hour at Joe Theismans in Alexandria, VA went on to be dinner at a local pub on Kings St. The good times kept going on and on. Fun times.....

At dinner we met an amazing woman - Sandy - with a diva-fide product. She started speaking with us more once she found out that we knew a thing or two about patents. Amazingly she has invented a great product called the Finders Key Purse. You clip your key onto a hook that you hang over the side of your purse. That way you don't have to search your purse for the keys you just pull up the custom made hook and wallah...keys are found.

This unique design is pure diva because they are decorated with either purses, red lips, high heels, matini glasses or butterfly. How divine!
Sandy proclaims that to date she has sold 3 million key holders!!! Amazing. That day she had just finalized a deal with QVC.

I have the pink purse finders key (only $7) and I am absolutely loving it!!!

Happy shopping diva darlings!


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