Sunday, August 26, 2007

Alero Musings - Where are the boys?


So this past weekend I can say one of the mysteries of living in DC has finally been resolved for me. This was occurred in the bar area at Aleros (13th and U). I am not saying that the mystery was finding Aleros because I discovered a few months ago - after boycotting it for many months because of yuck! calamari (who ruins calamari) - that it is actually a fun hang out! Great drinks! Mixed crowd! Happy hour special....wonderful wonderful check check. Good place to look at and even meet guys or just chill out with friends.

So what is this mystery you wonder. It is the age old question "Where do people in DC hang out?"

How did I find out the answer or not? Scenario, BK and I are at the bar. Minding our own business. We had just left a cocktail party and since our taste for the nightlife had not yet been satiated we opted for a quick appetizer run to Aleros. Our expectations of an over the top fun night are low. We just want to chill and hang out. We are at the bar tables at Aleros which has an elegant, warm clean, modern look.
See below...

And soon enough this guy approaches.

Guy asks "Ladies can I buy you a drink?"
Ladies say "How nice of you we just ordered? But you are more than welcome to join us."
Guy reasons "Great! Your next drink is on me."

He grabs the closest chair and with his Corona in hand he proceeds to ask our names. We share names. Talk about where we are from and try not to discuss the "Two evil questions". Conversation is going well. And then Guy squints his brows, looks at us intently and belts out in a slow baritone with the intensity of someone with a huge weight to unload "Where do the women in DC hang out?"

I react with the drop of my jaw. Alternating emotions confused/perplexed, excited/dazed, dumbfounded/amazed. I look past the fact and reality that we are after all two women hanging out - right in front of him - and ponder the reality that MEN ask this question too! Its not just me and my friends.... wow! The little things - it takes but a little to amuse me. :)

We start to discuss this issue in further detail. He reports that after socializing in DC for sometime now, he is amazed that where ever he goes he can never seem to find "that spot" where everyone else is. I am thinking by everyone he means "professional women". He says he gets out around 7 or 8-ish. So, now I am theorizing that since he lives out in Maryland he probably does not get in to DC until about 8 pm on a regular basis.

Well during previous discussions with friends we've theorized that professional women like us hangout at happy hours from about 5-8pm. We leave at 8pm because the crowd changes - it becomes more night life and skimpy outfits and less - lets have a great conversation and a drink (alcoholic or not). The professional men go home, change and come out after 8pm. By then they miss out because the women they are looking for have left and they are stuck with the women who come out to party. Ummm....nothing wrong with that. We hang out and there are barely any men.

The same occurrence event after event. So, either we have to hang out later or they need to come out earlier. What a quagmire!? But this is only a theory and not a proven fact - well only in my mind.

Hopefully something will change soon. But on the up side Guy seemed really cool so maybe he will talk to his friends and get the ball rolling...:) I will do my part!

Divas go out and live life.

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