Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ask Diva Bugs: Bold Rings for Under $50

Diva Darling BG asks: I see women wearing cocktail rings all the time. I used to like smaller rings and gems but now I want to buy a few cocktail rings that are inexpensive. Do you have any suggestions that are not pricey but stylish?

Diva Bugs Says: Hon I can only think of one place that has what you need for the price you seek...Overstock! Cocktail rings are the most divine accessory! They accentuate any outfit and add that extra sparkle. Even a plain white shirt and jeans are upgraded with a nice cocktail ring. In my humble opinion bigger rings look classier on the hands than smaller ones. When choosing a ring go with a thickness of 1/2 an inch or bigger band. A thinner band can work but only if the stone, gem or designed piece on top is about a inch or the size of your second and third knuckles. The bolder the color or more unique the design the better. You want a show piece! Something that will standout and MAKE any outfit. Easiest way to show off your ring is if you are wearing neutral colors or designs so the ring can be on display. Designs like the Pucci prints, for example are not always the best for rings, however since those designs are so bold a ring and a stud or hoop pair of earrings (think minimal jewelry) are probably the best balance combination for this vivacious fabric. But psychedelic prints often work with even more psychedelic rings. Overall always do you!
Sterling Silver Onyx ring - Over stock $26.99

Silver Peridot ring - $44.99
Marcasite Fashion Ring - $21.99 Happy shopping loves!


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