Monday, August 20, 2007

Celebs Fashion a No Go

They are famous. They already look fantabulous in other people's clothing. They have great skin, great bods and great hair. They are in many cases independently wealthy. They are the fashion muse for so many.

So why would they alter there images by starting their own clothing lines. Do we really need to know what their stylistic tastes and musings are beyond the realm of their personal stylists. Why ruin a good thing?

I am not even sure it is a good business choice for some celebs to even branch out because sometimes the image you get of them from their clothing lines can sometimes tarnish their images. They only business ventures that seems truly guaranteed for some are in the area of scents and perfumes as in the case of Jennifer Lopez's sales record breaking "Glow", "Miami Glow", "Love at First Glow", "Glow After Dark" and "Desire" - 2007; P. Diddy-Puffy-whomevers "Unforgiveable", Sarah Jessica Parker's "Beauty"; and even Britney Spears (who although no one things she smells great right now) is still doing well with "Curious", "Fantasy" and other perfumes.

The image does not always match the true inner clothing style for some. Take for example the J. Lo line by Jennifer Lopez....When her clothes were first placed on the shelf at the Herald Square Macy's in NYC - I had to go take a look. I was flabberghasted that the clothes were so cheaply made - cheap fabrics - quickly sewn together. I thought they would fall apart in my hands. Shock and Awe! I was not a fan. So I kept on browsing in other parts of the store...trying hard not to be seen as someone who would by tight pastel sweats with laces. Ummmm.... protecting my image! Her Sweetface line debuted at Olympus Fashion Week in NYC in February 2005. This Fall she is supposedly retiring the J Lo line (le sigh) and introducing a new junior's line called Justsweet. Hopefully, this new line will be infused with some of the class and style she represents as an entertainer...well I guess as much class as a clothing line for teenagers can have.

Eve launched her Fetish line in Fall 2003 and since then we have not heard a peep about the clothes. I remember just seen a few t-shirts and denim wear on the website. As of the posting of this blog the website does not seem to still be up and running. She does not even wear her clothes...favoring instead higher end retail like the Tom Fords etc.

Jaime Pressly wanted to bite the designer bug in the butt (giggles) by starting her own line of clothing. The blog A Socialite's Life describes the line as Ho-Riffic! We need not say more...

Jessica Simpson was forced via negative publicity to wear her own accessories. The designs are cute but they are not high end. But in her case the two may actually go together ... however I've seen her shoes on Zappos and they are not that bad.

Zoey Saldana has started Arasmaci. She sells Dominican inspired t-shirts. Don't see her wearing these! And she is not even wearing them on the website! The jewelry line has promise...

Mandy Moore - Mblem is supposed to be in the following stores -Lisa Kline ; Raw Clothing; Shop LA Style. Her clothing can no longer be found on the web. However, the pictures posted on the main page - more than likely showing clothes to be debuted in the Fall seem fantabulous. I can't wait to see what she does with her clothing.

Fashion works for few and not for most. There is a reason why we have stylists, artists, singers, actors and designers. Sometimes the proverbial box is there for a reason....

Have a divine week Divas!


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